Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Contact: Mike Journee
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Boise City Council Approves Purchase of Downtown Police Microdistrict Substation Site and Building

The Boise City Council tonight approved the purchase of a downtown property to house a Boise Police Department microdistrict substation to serve Boise’s growing and vibrant downtown core.

The need for a downtown microdistrict has become increasingly clear in recent years as downtown Boise’s complexity and popularity as a residential area, employment and entertainment center, and location for special events has grown. While it accounts for just five percent of the city’s geographic area, downtown Boise accounts for more than 20 percent of all calls for service to Boise police.

“This is a unique service area for our officers. It has a diverse population that changes as people go from working on weekdays to recreating in the evenings and on the weekends, as well as the growing number of people who now live downtown,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones. “This microdistrict is essential to ensuring the safety and security of the residents, employees and visitors in our downtown today and as it grows in complexity in the years to come.”

The 0.85-acre property is located at 2223 W. Fairview Avenue, in downtown’s West End, and includes an existing 4,344 square-foot building. The site is ideally located in a growing and evolving neighborhood that provides access to the downtown core, the Greenbelt and parks along the Boise River, and the Boise State University campus. The property is large enough to accommodate a larger building if needed in the future and the existing building can be immediately reconfigured to suit current needs, including as headquarters for BPD’s bicycle patrol. 

With the council’s action, the city is under contract to purchase the building for $1.15 million using police impact fee funds. It has 45 days to evaluate the property with a projected closing date in late November.

The site’s existing building is currently occupied by the Lucky Dog Tavern. Under city ownership, the bar’s proprietors will have an inexpensive 9-month lease to give them the time and financial flexibility to find a new location.

“The City of Boise and Boise Police Department have been exceptional to work with through this process. The proposed use will be an appreciated addition to the neighborhood,” said Keith Phillips, owner of the Lucky Dog Tavern. “We thank our incredibly loyal customers and look forward to securing a new location for the Lucky Dog Tavern and to many more years serving the city’s LGBTQ community.”


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