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Mayor Bieter Recognizes Boise's Good Neighbors as Embodiment of 'What It Means to be a Boisean'

Mayor David Bieter today announced the names of 39 Boise residents, organizations, and businesses nominated to be recognized during tonight’s Energize Boise Celebration at Boise City Hall.

Tonight’s event provides Boise residents an opportunity to recognize neighbors who make connections that strengthen Boise’s neighborhoods. The nominees will be recognized by Mayor Bieter with his annual “Boise Good Neighbor Award,” which he started in 2011 and is now part of the City of Boise’s Energize Our Neighborhoods strategic initiative.

“Good neighbors make great neighborhoods and great neighborhoods are the foundation of Boise’s success,” said Mayor Bieter. “Boiseans, by nature, are kind and welcoming, but we all know that there are those who go the extra mile to make our neighborhoods special. These nominees are the embodiment of what it means to be a Boisean – they are kind, helpful, active in their neighborhood and community, and passionate about making Boise an even better place to live. We are honored to recognize them and their important contributions to our city.”

Tonight’s Energize Boise Celebration begins at 5:30 p.m. in the third-floor Maryanne Jordan City Council Chambers at Boise City Hall. During the first hour of the event, attendees will learn how Energize Our Neighborhoods is engaging neighbors and help celebrate the past year’s accomplishments. Immediately following, Mayor Bieter will present the Boise Good Neighbor Awards along with Boise City Council Members Lisa Sanchez and Holli Woodings.

Nominated by their own neighbors for a variety of reasons, nominees included 35 individuals, 2 businesses and 2 community groups. A list of the nominees, along with the names of those who nominated them and a brief summary from the nomination letter can be found below. 

Photos from the ceremony:


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Individual Nominations

Norma Jilek

Nominated by: Ryan and Elizabeth Rulon

Where can we even begin! Norma is the epitome of what the Good Neighbor Award stands for. Every year she plans and hosts neighborhood ice cream socials in the summer, and winter holiday parties, so that neighbors can come together and bond. When someone is in need, Norma is always willing to step up. She is extremely thoughtful in bringing neighbors care packages if someone is ill. Norma also watches over homes and pets while neighbors are out of town. She is an active participant in neighborhood improvement projects. Finally, she keeps both her yard and house in immaculate condition for all to enjoy and her door is always open to her neighbors. Simply put, Norma is the best friend and neighbor one could ask for. As a community, we are fortunate to have her in Boise!

Becky and Justin Anderson

Nominated by: Laura Fry

Becky and Justin have been my neighbors for four glorious years. Though they currently have a newborn baby and a toddler, they are ALWAYS helping me (a single, disabled mom) with whatever I need... yardwork, missing ingredients for dinner, roaming dog retrieval, and general moral support.

We live on a North End street where some homeowners get proprietarial about curbside parking, speeders, and barking dogs, and Becky and Justin are gracious and kind about all of it. They set an example for the rest of us as to what Great Boise Neighbors should be!

BentLee Martinez

Nominated by: Austin Rogerson

BentLee is an inspiration through her cupcake stand, BAM's Bakery, helping and making a difference for those in need in her community. Her courage and desire to help others goes beyond the selling of her baked goods and it is an honor to nominate her for this special award.

Bette Hovey

Nominated by: Neil Jenkins

Bette noticed that one of our neighbors couldn't keep their yard cleaned up because of health problems. Bette rallied the neighbors and organized an event where many people came together to help pull weeds and install donated rock and bark. Now it is a beautiful yard. Our neighbor was so appreciative of everyone's hard work to help them. This all happened as a result of Bette being a good neighbor and being willing to reach out to someone in need, organize our neighbors, and lead by example. We love having Bette as our neighbor!

BG Davis

Nominated by: Katie Mason

I moved into the neighborhood 6 years ago. I started seeing a man that walked around and picked up trash. He would also try and locate the owners of random toys, sports equipment, etc. I noticed he was doing this weekly. BG has spent hours making sure our neighborhood is litter free and looking fabulous. Staying healthy and keeping our city streets clean sounds like a win-win to me! My neighbors and I sure appreciate him and his dedication to our city!

Bob Sutter

Nominated by: Ariela Gruszka

Mr. Sutter has created a Community Tae Kwon Do program about 28 years ago. He created the program originally to teach his kids, but his own kids are adults now and Mr. Sutter is still at it. While initially it was just him teaching, the program has grown because it is based on volunteer instructors that come from his program. Classes take place in the local schools’ gyms. Parks and Rec charges a symbolic $4 per months to participants. That entitles participants to take any number of classes they want from Monday to Saturday! Classes are for all ages, in my case my husband and kid participate together.

Mr. Sutter teaches one of the weekly classes and oversees the whole program. He also oversees the testing that takes place once a month. The instructors are fantastic role models that teach more than the martial art. Respect, discipline and technique are all equally important. This program is in our hearts. We don’t have enough words to thank Mr. Sutter for his commitment to this community program that has benefited hundreds of Boise residents.

Cameron Crow

Nominated by: Nicole Bare

Cameron is actively working to "Make Boise Better" by starting a civic engagement platform for Boiseans to make their voices heard. I'm really excited by the idea of a new way for Boiseans to engage with local issues and find out what other people think.

I agree with Cameron that a lot of civic engagement mechanisms -- public meetings, etc. -- privilege people with a lot of time and energy. I think there's a larger swath of people out there who are paying attention and care, but whose voices don't ring out as loudly as others. I'm excited that “Make Boise Better” is trying to elevate a broader range of voices.

I think the project is already making waves in our community, and as more people participate and see the results, I think our community will be better informed and individuals will be well-served by understanding whether they're in the majority opinion or not on a given issue. Cameron calls it a "civilizing force" and I think it has the potential to be just that. Thank you, Cameron!

Cathy Barney

Nominated by: Cathy's Neighbors

Cathy Barney is in her 70s. Horizon Drive has been her residence for decades. She walks our neighborhood streets as well as parts of the North End and downtown several times a day, totaling 5+ miles matter the weather - rain or sunshine, summer or winter.

If something looks suspicious, she knocks on our doors to give us a heads up. Cathy is the most effective Neighborhood Watch volunteer one could ever ask for. Cathy leaves little carbon trace. Recycling is a priority; her bins are mostly compost and recycling.

She has no children of her own yet she’s like family, having watched all the neighborhood kids grow up. She used to fill Easter eggs and hide them in yards of homes with children. She visits with other seniors in the neighborhood to check up on them. She takes great pride in her garden and, over the years, has helped older residents beautify their gardens as well.

Cathy has a positive attitude towards life, a great sense of humor and is a fascinating conversationalist. We couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.

Cathy Sorger

Nominated by: Bev Goebel

Cathy retired from teaching two years ago. Her students were her life for many years and she was an awesome teacher, taking each child as their own individual. Additionally, Cathy is a terrific neighbor, always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. She bakes wonderful goodies at different holidays throughout the year and delivers them to her neighbors up and down our street. Everyone on alico Street in south west Boise loves and admires her. She definitely meets the criteria of being recognized as a Good Neighbor.

Christie and Adam Peitz

Nominated by: Aron, Kira, Kennedy and Delaney Lunde

We were out of town in July and Adam Peitz was watching our house. He dropped off the mail one day and noticed a stream of water shooting from the refrigerator through the dry wall and flooding our kitchen and living room. He quickly called his mom, Christie, and they took immediate action. They shut off the water and cancelled all of their plans for the day to help coordinate disaster recovery services and insurance. Thank you for being such great neighbors!

Crissy Kojima

Nominated by: Adam Warr and Gina Pannell

Crissy is the newly-appointed president of the Pierce Park Neighborhood Association. Crissy has been a leader by showing her sincere interest in the community and she has transformed the neighborhood association into a catalyst for community advocacy. She has put in countless hours learning about the neighborhood association's role and helping it fulfill its potential. One of her more significant accomplishments of this last year was helping our neighborhood secure a capital grant that will be used to build a much needed bicycle/pedestrian path. With a new child on the way, Crissy has ample excuse to resign from her position so that she can wholly dedicate herself to the new challenges she will undoubtedly face as a new mother. However, she has chosen to continue serving as president of our association because she is passionate about the community in which she serves and because she knows she can make a difference. Crissy's silent service on behalf of our neighborhood this past year has been invaluable. We can think of no one more deserving of the good neighbor award than Crissy.

Dave Koch

Nominated by: Cyndee Trombley

I would like to nominate Dave Koch. He gives so much to the community of Boise. He is a head football coach and history teacher at Centennial High. He gives so much of his time and effort for the kids. Everything he does is to make a great experience for students. He not only coaches but has to maintain fields, paint lines, oversee concessions, fundraise and so much more. He is patient and puts student welfare first. All of this, plus be ready to teach. If there were more hours in a week, he would gladly give them to the community.

Deborah Mullner

Nominated by: Cortney Nielsen

I met Deborah back in February when I volunteered to be on the Central Rim Neighborhood Association board. Since that time, I have watched a woman who is passionate about the potential of Freemont St. have a vision to create the Central Rim's very own "freak alley". Deborah did it; she went to every business and became the middle-woman for bringing beauty to a Freemont St. alley. She became very involved in getting to know the business owners and getting them involved in their neighborhood. She raised the money and was the motivation behind the whole proccess. The artists will be finishing up soon and then will have a little party to celebrate. It reminds me of the passion I had for bringing a filtration system and automatic feeder to the train depot koi fish ponds. It was nice to see someone get to go all the way with their passion for improvement. Something already in place, just cleaning it up and making it beautiful. Thank you Deborah!

Dr. Julie Madsen

Nominated by: Gary Roeder

Julie spearheaded contacting and organizing the residents along Harrison Boulevard to unify our efforts to preserve the livability and safety of our historic street. She organizes streetside and median gatherings to monitor traffic while creating civic unity among her neighbors. She's actively monitored the safety of school children crossing the "Harrison Highway" during mornings and afternoon school hours. She is a great example of the Best of Boise, something we all can do!

Erik Kingston

Nominated by: Cyd Weiland

Erik consistently and frequently goes above and beyond in helping make the East End (and other neighborhoods) a special place. His involvement includes both policy and "boots on the ground." Erik advocates for transparency and citizen participation in proposals that affect neighborhood integrity and is the first to organize community efforts. At the same time, he is often found grubbing goatheads or picking up dog poop in Military Reserve -- without fanfare or self-promotion. Erik is also a strong supporter and promoter of community institutions such as the Roosevelt Market, the Armory and North Junior High School. He is warm, funny, tolerant and always willing to pitch in. In short, Erik is a great neighbor and part of the "glue" that holds the East End together!

Hidemi Kremer

Nominated by: Paige Lamontagne and David Klinger

Call it luck. Call it good fortune. Call it positive karma. Call it Zen. Whatever the reason, we are the beneficiaries of something really good in this world.

Hidemi Kremer is the kind of neighbor you always hope you'll get next door, but seldom do. In the few, short years Hidemi and her husband Todd Smith and their beautiful daughter Kaiya have lived on North 24th Street, our neighborhood has become a better, closer, and more caring community. When a neighboring family was recently touched by great tragedy, Hidemi organized a network of nearby residents to provide meals and other support for them in their time of need. She undertook it with her usual grace and understatedness that made it seem effortless.

Whether it's her support for the music education programs in the Boise public schools, or her and her family's quiet adoption of the paths to Table Rock as their own, personal anti-litter campaign, Hidemi Kremer's support for the community is as subtle, soothing, and as ordered as a Japanese tea garden. Her home has quickly become our "neighborhood salon," where we gather and where positive things continue to happen in our community.

Holly Stinchcomb

Nominated by: Fran Brost and David Klinger

Anyone who thinks electronic mail will ever replace the "good old U.S. Postal Service" has never encountered Holly Stinchcomb. Holly is our daily letter carrier on North 24th Street and adjacent North End streets.

But Holly is much more than the friendly civil servant who brings our letters and packages each afternoon. She is the intangible "glue" that helps to hold our neighborhood together. It's hard to find that glue in cyberspace. Holly Stinchcomb is the cheery voice, the watchful eye, the observant presence, and the "extra-mile-goer" who knits connectedness and lends stability to a rapidly changing community. Even though she does not live in our immediate neighborhood, she is very much a part of it. She is truly vested in our well-being as a caring community of good people. She puts the "special" in "special delivery" each day.

We hope Boise never risks losing the qualities of livability that make this city so special. For if we ever have to leave this beautiful and caring community, we are packing our addresses, our ZIP Code, and our mail carrier, Holly Stinchcomb, and taking them with us! She is that much a part of our everyday lives.

Janet Shirley

Nominated by: Jo

Jan Shirley-Mergenthaler, a retired nurse along with her husband Dan are retirees who spend their days running "Wiggly Composters", an organization dedicated to raising worms and educating the local community about the importance of composting in order to play our part in preserving the environment through the use of red wiggler worms.

Jan and Dan recycle food waste from their neighbors and local grocery stores, which they feed to the worms. The worm poop is great for the soil, for gardening and the environment. They also teach classes free of cost to youngsters in our local middle and high schools, as well as at events like the Saturday market and the North-End Nursery. It is their goal to educate everyone they meet about the benefits of vermicompost, to create a healthier & sustainable environment one worm at a time.

Jan is the thread which holds our neighborhood together. Everyone from the grocery store to the park is known and loved by Jan. She teaches children about her environmental passion, attempting to address food waste on a small scale. The Mergenthalers are truly the epitome of good neighbors.

Jeff Hudson

Nominated by: David A. Staddon

Jeff serves on the board of our HOA and is truly a servant-leader. In the winter he shovels snow from our shared driveway and clears the sidewalk to our community mail box. This spring and summer he cleared several large trailer loads of dead brush from our creek that flows year long. This area is about 200 yards long.

If this were not enough, he has trimmed about 40 trees with a hand held trimmer/saw to keep the branches from making contact with the buildings. He does all this while having a full time job. Most of our 41 households have commented on his unselfish effort to enhance our community and saving the HOA several thousand dollars. He and his wife Holly are great neighbors to our entire community.

Jennifer Wiley

Nominated by: Joyce Magnuson

I returned to Boise last year following a stroke and from the first day in my new home, Jennifer made it clear she was there to help if I needed her. This past year she’s been a godsend! She takes my trash cans to the curb and back, waters my plants and flowers daily, offers to grocery shop for me, and more. Over the summer she cut unwanted vegetation and weeds, applied weed killer, cut down and disposed of overgrown vines and a huge vine that broke loose in the wind, trimmed plants, shared her tomato harvest, and accompanied me to meetings I could not otherwise have attended. She’s also brought me supplies from the grocery store that she knew I needed and couldn’t afford. An infestation of wasps found her outside my house numerous times spraying vines and vegetation that would attract them. She’s even recruited her brother to help with repairs to my home to make it safer for me. And all this while working full time. I feel safe and secure knowing she’s right next door if I need help day or night.

Jim Nourse

Nominated by: Shawna White

Jim is just an all-around fabulous human being. He is always smiling and happy. He and his lovely wife have no children. In his words, ‘The good Lord didn’t bless us with any children.’ He’s like a dad to us though. He constantly brings us his leftover food because ‘a growing family like yours needs it.’ He’s so very caring and considerate and is always looking for the good in everyone. He has a very positive, uplifting energy that surrounds him and we just adore him.

Leandra Aburusa

Nominated by: Angela Housley

You really don’t know your neighbors until something happens. Four years ago my husband’s job sent us to Hiroshima, Japan. While there, our son lived in our house. He had just graduated from college. He went from living at home, to living in a fraternity, to homeowner. Our neighbor across the street became the go-to person. Leandra Aburusa happily and generously provided the support he needed. In Japan, I would check in or if I had a question, she was always available to help. To have someone this dependable when you are so far away was such a relief.

Since we have been home, she continues to be a support. She always has time for a chat. Getting acclimated to our community took time. I wanted to host National Night Out, and she eagerly agreed to help out. Just the other day I was in McCall and realized I didn’t stop the newspaper. I contacted Leandra and she happily agreed to pick it up. So when I saw this opportunity to show my deep gratitude, I had to nominate Leandra Aburusa.

Mark & Heather Andrade

Nominated by: Jef Kellner & Marie Callaway Kellner

Five years ago, Mark & Heather Andrade happened to move in next door to an elderly couple, Jim & Elsie Gore. This summer, they moved the Gores into assisted living, met with lawyers and realtors, cleaned the Gore’s home and prepped it for sale. During the intervening years, the Andrades went out of their way to care for the Gores. They brought in their mail, took out their trash & recycling, took them to appointments, made them meals, shoveled their walk, and checked on them when things seemed just a little too quiet.

Earlier this summer, Mark shared that Jim & Elsie really needed higher-level care, and no one was sure what to do. Many people would’ve shied away, but the Andrades stepped up. They cancelled a vacation and, instead, dedicated that time to help. They visited assisted living facilities and once they found the right fit, Mark & Heather handled ALL of the minutiae of moving the Gores out of the home where they had lived since the early 60s.

Mark & Heather Andrade have done this quietly and humbly, and it brings us great pleasure to nominate them for Boise's Good Neighbor Award.

Mark Manning

Nominated by: Bob Hanson

I'm handicapped. Mark curbs and returns my weekly trash carts and assists me with landscaping problems such as weed control. He also removes snow from my driveway and sidewalk. It's comforting to know he's a phone call away should I require assistance. Thank you Mark.

Marty Jacobs

Nominated by: Tim Flaherty

Marty donates his time volunteering with so many good causes. He leads our downtown neighborhood association, feeds the homeless, and is on the Board of the Philharmonic. He gives his time in so many ways to help make our city a better place to live. He never asks for recognition, he just does his part to make Boise better.

Mary Beth Johnston

Nominated by: Sarah Taylor

Mary Beth and the Johnston girls are the BEST neighbors. They engage with everyone on the street. They are always the first to welcome new neighbors with a friendly hello and a plate of freshly baked cookies.

One of the most noticeable things that I have come to love and appreciate is that they are always playing and hanging out in the front yard. I didn't realize how much this small change can really impact how much more "neighborhoody" and connected it makes the neighborhood feel! It really makes our neighborhood feel safe and inviting!

Her four girls are always bringing treats around, or sharing lemonade during neighborhood yard sales. They care for gardens, chickens and kitties when neighbors are out of town.

Mary Beth and her girls ROCK!

Mary Karol Taylor

Nominated by: Giselle Isbell

Mary Karol Taylor is one of the most giving members of the community and fully embodies what it means to be a caring citizen. Not only is she passionate about her role as a librarian at South Junior High, she also started the Nations United Soccer teams. It started as one team for refugee teens who wanted to play soccer. Now there are four teams of mostly refugee players. She manages the group, including working with Idaho Rush, arranging translators, grant-writing and seeking funds to sponsor the 71 players. These young people are given the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance in our community. What a role model she is for her own teen children, friends, and neighbors. Always loyal, she recently arranged a meal train for a friend in need. It's another example of her service to others. It's people like Mary Karol that make me proud to live in Boise.

Mike and Trisha Elrod

Nominated by: Becca Kabasa

Both Mike and Trisha make living in our neighborhood a treat. They are always friendly, welcoming, and interested in our lives. But the best part is the interest they’ve always taken in my little boys’ lives. My boys are 4 and 5 and have always been shy, but Trisha and Mike just kept greeting them and not pressuring them to say hi. Now whenever the boys hear them out and about they rush to say hi and carry on a conversation. My 5 year old adds that he “loves the water fights!” Yay for Trisha and Mike!

Neil David Jenkins

Nominated by: Bette Hovey

Neil Jenkins took leadership in organizing the Liberty Park Neighborhood Association when only a few people understood the value of neighbors uniting in common efforts. He takes an outreach approach visiting residents, working and encouraging refugees, coordinating with existing patrons of Liberty Park, Little League Baseball and Parks & Recreation’s Meals for Children.

Few of us have made more effort to communicate with Boise Officials and Employees. Neil has attended trainings, planning meetings and visits regularly with planners to benefit our community. Neil’s background as an engineer gives him a broad perspective and long-term vision of possibilities for growth and improvements on the Bench. He is a strong voice for street and park safety. He continues to advocate for sidewalks so our children and citizens can safely walk/bike to Liberty Park.

Another contribution of Neil Jenkins was the purchase and storage of soccer equipment for use by neighborhood children. To date, most users have been refugee children who understand and love soccer. Many of these children can’t afford to join baseball. These children have learned lessons about responsibility and take care of the property, like Neil teaches his own kids.

In 2016-2017, the Board of Liberty Park Neighborhood Association recognized Neil Jenkins as “Our Good Citizen”.

Patrick & Evelyn Tamura

Nominated by: Kim & Brian Young

We were [very] naive first-time homebuyers. Pat & Evelyn have lived in the home next to the one we bought for 30+ years. They spent a lot of time showing us the ropes -- from basic things like yard maintenance, to more pressing things like how to shut off our water main when a pipe burst, to fun/necessary things like spoiling our pets. They know our house and neighborhood better than us, and have always been willing to help out. They keep a great eye on the neighborhood and our kids and did a tremendous job at making us feel welcome and comfortable. We know they do the same for everyone in the area and want them to know how much they are appreciated and valued.

Randy Johnson

Nominated by: Alexis Malcomb

Randy has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to his neighborhood, his community, as well as the City of Boise. He does this by spending much of his free time working towards neighborhood projects, such as the new Franklin Park in the Central Bench area. He also actively works to inform his neighbors of upcoming projects by gathering information through attending and volunteering for multiple community resources (ACHD, Boise Zoning and Commission, and Boise City Hall meetings, etc.) and helps to further the over-all goals of our neighborhood.

He has worked tirelessly with the Central Bench area to help create a city-approved Neighborhood Development Plan, helped to create and distribute the Central Bench History book, has worked to promote and enhance the effectiveness of the Central Bench Neighborhood Association, and last season he ran for office in District 17, making sure to knock on every single door in the district. Beyond this he has always been a friendly, approachable neighbor willing to discuss issues and possible solutions with fellow neighbors and politicians.

Randy is more than a good neighbor, he is truly one of the great connecting forces for our neighborhood to stay the great place it is in Boise.

Sarah Wade

Nominated by: Ashley Rowe

Sarah is always welcoming and helpful to everyone that she meets. She'll help you limp to your house and get help if you broke your ankle while on a run. She'll invite you to an impromptu dinner at her home, and she'll help out even when she's got a lot on her plate already. She's helped watch over many neighborhood pets, houses, and children. Sarah is a South Boise gem and we could not appreciate her more.

Steve Dunlap

Nominated by: Robert E. Sabino

Steve has been involved on the board, done various work projects (weeding, maintaining play ground equipment) over many years and has served as the water master for years. He has gone above and beyond in service to East Meadow Park residents and is very deserving of this award.

Todd Kurowski

Nominated by: Rob Mason

Todd exemplifies what it means to be a good neighbor in the City of Boise. For the past four years, Todd has been a board member of the Sunset Neighborhood Association and has had a hand in coordinating virtually every event, grant and community conversation that the Sunset neighborhood has held. He has played a vital role in the major neighborhood projects (the new Sunset Park shelter and bike station, Sunset neighborhood signs, and more) and is always eager to find new ways to improve our neighborhood for all residents. His willingness to put in the time and effort needed to make sure that every neighbor has a chance to have their voice heard on neighborhood issues. His efforts have gone a long way to bring our neighborhood together and foster productive and respectful dialogue. The Sunset neighborhood and City of Boise are lucky to have such a dedicated neighbor who is always willing to go the extra mile to build our community and improve our neighborhood.

Todd Swanstrom

Nominated by: Beverly Boyd

Todd is an amazing and giving man. He is known in our neighborhood as the Bike Guy. For years Todd has been running his own Boise Bike Project out of his garage for the refugee kids who live nearby. They bring him the bikes and he gets them in running order. He does all of this work for free and he pays for the new tubes and other supplies necessary to get the bikes ready and safe for these kids. He has even created a system to communicate when the bikes are in service or are ready for pick up. If the bike is facing south, it needs to be fixed. When the bikes are facing north, they are ready for pick up. Todd is awesome and he deserves recognition for being such a wonderful person.

Business Nominations

Library! at Collister

Nominated by: Suzanne Stone

The Library! at Collister has become a community asset that goes far beyond their books, computers and media center. They have become the cornerstone of our neighborhood through hosting local meetings and special events that help bring neighbors together, and important STEM and other key programs for our youth. The best part of the Collister Library is their wonderful staff who truly go out of their way to help every person who walks in the door. They are always cheerful and have such a can-do attitude that they make residents feel better just for visiting the library. They have become a nexus for community events and information that truly helps strengthen our sense of community and fellowship. I would like to nominate the Collister Library for the Good Neighbor award because they so deeply deserve it!

The Roosevelt Market:

Susan Wilder and Nikki Monroe

Nominated by: Brittney Scigliano

Susan and Nikki have done so much for the East End and not just because they run a 'little market.’ They have created a place to gather and create memories. They provide a safe place for neighborhood children and they provide delicious food to anyone who comes through the doors. Their block parties are a summertime staple, and their generosity to the neighborhood is just a small part of what makes them good neighbors. Our neighborhood certainly wouldn't be the same without them!

Group Nominations

The Kids of 17th Street:

Sam Barton & Elizabeth Barton, Anna Lee & Katie Lee, Truman Corn, Maddie Burpee & Will Burpee, Andy Bronner & Matias Bronner, Anika Jost & Eliza Jost, Hazel Andersen & Zoe Andersen, and Blue “Miley” Allen

Nominated by: Kelci Lucier

As parents, we often dream of living in a neighborhood where our kids can run out and play with friends, where we don't worry about their safety or whose house they're at for hours at a time.

The kids of 17th Street are all small but mighty champions for making our particular neighborhood great. They play kindly with each other; they help their parents mingle at sunset; they invite each other over; they offer to share toys and bikes and chalk and soccer balls. They walk each other to school, give advice about new teachers, shovel each other’s sidewalks just to be nice, and host movie nights and sleepovers together.

In many ways, they are the true heart of our 17th Street neighborhood because they show us what being a selfless, giving neighbor truly looks like. They may not get recognition for all they do every day, but I certainly hope they feel recognized tonight. Many thanks to each of you for all you do to make our neighborhood such a fun, loving, and welcoming place to live!

The PRAYnksters:

Jeff Agosta, Tia Agosta, Jesse Fadel, Sean Hancock, Farrell Dillon, and Scott Agosta

Nominated by: Chris Wilson

The PRAYnksters go around our valley raising money to help people who are in need. Great right? Well it gets better. When they present the donations that they have received to the person that they are blessing, they do it using what they call a "Giving Mob." It's kind of like a flash mob, since hundreds of people from the community usually show up. Instead of dancing though, they all bring gifts, cash, and their love for other people to give to the person in need. I've seen a hard working Congolese refugee be gifted a car to drive to his two jobs, a mom with cancer be given thousands of dollars to help her pay the bills while she works and goes through chemo, and a 5 year old homeless girl be given a trip to Disneyland. After the trip, Jeff and his wife Tia actually ended up adopting the girl and her little sister to get them off the streets! If anyone deserves this award it is the PRAYnksters. Go to and click "The Videos" to see some of their work.