Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Mayor Bieter Recognizes Boise's Good Neighbors as Embodiment of 'What It Means To Be A Boisean'

Mayor David Bieter today announced the names of 63 Boise residents, organizations, and businesses nominated to be recognized during tonight’s Energize Boise Celebration at Boise City Hall.

Tonight’s event provides Boise residents an opportunity to recognize neighbors who make connections that strengthen Boise’s neighborhoods. The nominees will be recognized by Mayor Bieter with his annual “Boise Good Neighbor Award,” which he started in 2011 and is now part of the City of Boise’s Energize Our Neighborhoods strategic initiative.

“Every great city is built on great neighborhoods and great neighbors are what make great neighborhoods possible,” said Mayor Bieter. “These nominees are the embodiment of what it means to be a Boisean – they are kind, helpful, active in their neighborhood and community, and passionate about making Boise an even better place to live.”

Tonight’s Energize Boise Celebration begins at 5:30 p.m. in the third-floor City Council Chambers at Boise City Hall. During the first hour of the event, attendees will learn more about the current projects being led by residents throughout Boise, and discover the tools available to neighborhoods through the Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative. Immediately following, Mayor Bieter will present the Boise Good Neighbor Awards along with Boise City Council Members Elaine Clegg and Maryanne Jordan.

Nominated by their own neighbors for a variety of reasons, nominees included 61 individuals, and 2 businesses. A list of the nominees, along with the names of those who nominated them and a brief summary from the nomination letter can be found in the attached document.



2017 Good Neighbor Award Recipients

Adey Salat

Nominated by: Danielle Falck

Adey Salat is a great neighbor and fantastic friend! She has overcome the trauma of fleeing a war-torn country, helped raise her 7 siblings, and completed her medical assistant degree. Yet this year, Adey got to pursue her passion of spreading a message of inclusion within her neighborhood by planning and organizing her first community event at Northwest Pointe Apartments in Boise.

Adey, a young Muslim woman, organized a Ramadan celebration that would help her neighbors understand this holiday’s importance, while embracing diversity and creating a safe place for them to celebrate. Recruiting her siblings to help, Adey’s event was successful and many residents enjoyed music, food, and meeting their neighbors.

Adey welcomes new neighbors to the property, especially new Americans. She empathizes with their situation and hopes by being a welcoming face, she can show them how wonderful living in Boise can be. Adey’s positive influence of resident leadership and volunteerism also influenced her sisters to get involved with the onsite community gardens. Adey is an excellent candidate for a Good Neighbor Award. She has risen above unbelievable circumstances to exemplify what every neighbor should strive to do by making her community a better, more inclusive place to live.

Ake Hermelin

Nominated by: Donna M. Burns

The Warm Springs Mesa Neighborhood Association Board nominates Ake Hermelin, U.S. Postal Service worker for 30 years, 14 of those here in Boise. Ake said "I believe in customer service and doing things right.” He starts his shift early and has provided residents of the Mesa with excellent service. This winter, he went above and beyond in that service. Entrance onto the Mesa is by steep, winding roads which were nearly impassible during the "snowmageddon" of 2017. Shoveling out mailboxes so he could access them was nearly impossible due to the feet of hardened, frozen snow piled in front of them by the plows when they could make it. Ake would leave his stuck truck and hand-deliver mail in ankle-deep snow on a regular basis. The words "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" surely applies to Ake.

Amy Moll and Bill Knowlton

Nominated by: Richard Mussler-Wright

Amy Moll and Bill Knowlton aren't great neighbors: They are AWESOME neighbors.

My reason is personal: They have been the kindest neighbors for my son. My son is 11, and they have without fail purchased every bag of scout popcorn and orchestra candy, each and every season for years. They talk to him, and listen patiently to every story about video games and Japanese Anime. They ask him to walk their dog. When he needed tools to make a pinewood racer, they let him use their shop and the list of favors go on beyond 200 words. These actions might seem small, but they have a tremendous impact. Bill and Amy have been great neighbors and exemplar role models for a young boy.

Ann Marie Carleton

Nominated by: Tracy Carleton

Ann Marie Carleton has been taking in many refugee children and developing friendships, teaching English, organizing reading programs, feeding lots of kids, organizing movie nights, playing soccer, swimming and stand up paddle boarding at Quinn's Pond, and repairing bicycles just to highlight a few of the many generous and heartfelt actions she has been doing for the past year since moving to Boise from Nampa. She is called "white mama" by a growing number of Tanzanian boys. She has befriended many Iraqi, Afghan and Syrian refugees here in Boise. She has hosted baby showers for new mothers and assisted in giving driving lessons for four Syrian refugees. The list goes on and on...

Bobby Petersen

Nominated by: Johnny Russell

Bobby Petersen has tirelessly worked on different community projects over the years, but the one that he has had laser focus on for the last decade has been JDRF. He has inspired many bicycle riders over the years to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for this cause.

Bobby does this all while staying active in Scouting and has been a recipient of the Silver Beaver award from the Boy Scouts of America. The Silver Beaver Award is the council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Upon nomination by their local Scout council and with the approval of the National Court of Honor, recipients of this award are registered adult leaders who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council. The Silver Beaver is an award given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through hard work, self-sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service. It is given to those who do not seek it.

This is in conjunction with keeping a local business professionally operated for over 42 years. 200 words does not allow for his many lifelong accomplishments or good works.

Carol Brassey, Steve Parry, and Matt Slater

Nominated by: Mary "Moe" McGee

Carol Brassey, Steve Parry and neighbor Matt Slater are responsible for the creation and upkeep of Birdseed Park, a wildlife and family-friendly location at the top of Terrace Way. They turned an undeveloped lot adjacent to their home into a wild and wonderful spot, covered with colored lights in the dark days of winter, and filled with flowers, bird feeders and an unlikely assortment of whimsical objects throughout the year. Sit on a bench and watch the sunset, wander through the native plants, watch hundreds of irises bloom in the spring and find a heart shaped rock or a foreign coin in a cleverly hidden bowl. Quail and other birds frequent the park, as do deer and an occasional wild turkey. Matt, who lives next door to Carol and Steve, can be seen at all times of the year watering, raking, weeding, pruning and creating new paths or fixing old. Carol and Steve work with all aspects of the park which can be a challenge in winter when weather works in opposition to the beautiful lights. This labor of love was created, funded and is maintained by these three neighborhood heroes who encourage everyone, especially children, to enjoy their endeavors.

Carole A. Warden

Nominated by: Wenda Booth

Carole Warden is the most honest, giving person we have ever met. If someone needs to cash a pension check and go all over town paying bills, she is driving them. When my husband had a seizure, she brought clothes to rehab for him. She makes sure someone has food or meds. She is also so kind and gentle with pets, and I am sure I could get 100 signatures of people she has helped. She seems to devote her life to helping others and she gives with a joy that uplifts others with a selflessness I have never before experienced. She has little, yet is always there for others. She keeps our neighborhood safe and I wish everyone had a neighbor like her… but they can't have ours!

Carolyn Brennan

Nominated by: Patricia Rodriguez and the Meadows Home Owners Association

The Meadows proudly nominates Carolyn Brennan for the 2017 Good Neighbor Award.

During her 30-year tenure as a resident, she has worked tirelessly for the betterment of the neighborhood -- both as simply a neighbor and, for five years, as a member of the Meadows Owners Association board of directors.

Throughout her board term, Carolyn chaired the Paint Committee that is responsible for painting and maintaining the exteriors of all 134 townhouse units within the subdivision.

After leaving the board, she was persuaded to continue in that position. "I really enjoy the Paint Committee," she said. "I get to know people and help keep the Meadows updated and looking good."

Carolyn is a retired supervisor for the Department of Health and Welfare. She also spent two decades as an office and library volunteer at a Parochial school.

Her success through the years is based on the philosophy she gained from her parents, who owned and operated a store: "Work with the workers. That's the way you get along with people."

When not serving the Meadows, Carolyn babysits the half of her 13 grandchildren who live in Boise. She is also a "pretty good" bocce ball player in the city league.

Cathie Olson

Nominated by: Julie Rangel, Louise and Ray Carollo, Pat and Cecilia Jordan, Janet and Gary Worthington, Farleigh Byers, Nick Tinker, Mary Kay Tinker, and Evan Worthington

Cathie Olson is a wonderful neighbor who gives so much to the people in her life; her family, neighborhood, friends and church. Cathie always has an uplifting word and a smile on her face! Whenever Shadow Hills School youth are walking by her home, they will stop to talk to her and greet Charlie, her big friendly dog. She turns 80 this year, yet still has seemingly unending energy and uses it to better the community. Her yard and house are so well taken care of. She inspires the rest of us!

Besides being busy volunteering at the Morrison Center, church and many other activities, Cathie watches over our neighborhood, looks after neighbor’s kids when needed and makes new neighbors feel welcome. She also mentors a refugee family from Kosovo, helping them complete forms, study for the citizenship test, get aid for their children, etc. At any time, Cathie is willing to drop what she is doing and visit; be it listening to you vent, talk about the neighborhood (of which she keeps a close eye on) or just see how you are doing. She is always caring, giving and loving, and we all love having Cathie as our neighbor!

Christy Lupien

Nominated by: Donna M. Burns

The Warm Springs Mesa Neighborhood Association Board is pleased to nominate Christy Lupien for a 2017 Good Neighbor Award. Christy has volunteered as the NA Board’s web manager for several years and is instrumental in helping the Board keep Mesa residents updated and informed. She serves the same capacity for another organization, and for many, that would be enough, but she believes strongly in the work of the Board and feels this is the best way to serve the neighborhood. She constantly brings new ideas and the best way to reach our readers, and for them to reach us. Although a good friend to several Board members, she remains neutral and provides honest, concrete feedback. She serves as translator between the web designer and the Board. This nomination can't go far enough to express our gratitude for her service to the NA Board and residents of the Mesa!

Chuck Moss

Nominated by: Phil Brewer

Our neighborhood consists of 57 townhouses and we have a homeowner’s association. Chuck Moss is the workhorse of that association and of the neighborhood. He serves on our HOA Board of Directors and takes the initiative in whatever problems face our little community, whether it be maintaining our street and driveways, a roofing problem, a landscape problem, or maintaining our private irrigation system. He does this without any remuneration or special benefits. He has a servant’s heart, a great sense of humor, and a work ethic that is unequaled by most of us. His work ethic is special because he is elderly and not in great physical condition, but his love for his neighbors is his driving force. He certainly qualifies as being the "neighbor of neighbors”.

Cliff and Stephanie Alvarez

Nominated by: Teresa McDonald and Dorothy M. Hale

Cliff and Stephanie Alvarez truly are Boise City Hometown Hero's! We could not have asked for a more giving pair of neighbors. This past winter, as Boise faced its worst winter since the 1930's, my husband was deployed overseas. My garage flooded which was not covered by insurance due to an “act of Mother Nature.” Cliff (along with another dear neighbor) spent countless hours over multiple days--helping pump it and find a solution.

Stephanie offers to take her friends dogs out of their kennels and walk them every day so they are not alone while their owners work.

These two are saints and I owe my sanity to them. Furthermore, my husband was able to carry out his daily missions because he knew his family was safe, cared for, and surrounded by a selfless community. Stephanie and Cliff's unceasing acts of kindness remind us all that there are standout people in this world who do great things for the people and our community. Their giving character reflects great credit upon themselves, Boise, and the State of Idaho. These people are truly an asset to our neighborhood and the community!

Colleen Molinengo

Nominated by: Rachel Corey

Three years ago, I was hit by a car while riding my bike, which resulted in a spinal cord injury. Colleen Molinengo has been the best neighbor. She mows my lawn every week. She and her children rake my leaves in the fall, and she shoveled my snow in the winter. She accompanies me while I ride my trike around the neighborhood. When I was ill, she went to the grocery store and pharmacy for me. When I had an unexpected hospital stay, she brought items I needed from my home to me. She has come over and made me laugh. She has an amazing attitude and energy that is contagious!

Dan Luttrell

Nominated by: Sandra Wisniewski

When we bought our house in November, Dan Luttrell came over and introduced himself right away and gave us very valuable information about the neighborhood. We had to return to California, leaving the house empty for 7 months. During that time, he kept an eye on our house, asking anyone who came if he could help them, letting us know if we had mail, calling us when a sprinkler broke and then providing sprinkler heads for the repair. He monitored the snow build-up in the winter and mowed our lawn in the spring. We are so happy to have such a wonderful neighbor and can't imagine anyone exemplifying the friendly spirit of Boise more completely than Dan.

Dave and Terry Self

Nominated by: Kent and Kristin Ernest

We have been next-door neighbors to Dave and Terry Self for two years. I cannot say enough about them as "good neighbors" because they exemplify that role.

Without even asking, they watch out for our home and garden while we're away; they surprised us with beautiful homemade dishes and random desserts delivered to the door with a smile; they include us in holiday family gatherings and to top it all off, they have a full and impressive wine selection to which they share generously!

We could not ask for better neighbors!

Dave Moore

Nominated by: Austin Rogerson

Dave Moore is selfless, kind and extremely thoughtful. He epitomizes that neighbor everyone wishes they had. He will always drop whatever he's doing to help you. Whether it is replacing a part in your lawn mower, helping you split wood, or pulling weeds in your lawn while having a casual conversation, Dave epitomizes what it means to be a Good Neighbor.

David Klinger

Nominated by: Fran Brost

David Klinger is always so very helpful, from shoveling snow on our sidewalks to making hospital visits. He has become our Neighborhood Ambassador when projects need to be done by investigating all our options. He is a marvelous problem solver. We greatly appreciate David and highly recommend him as a great neighbor!

Deb Pixler

Nominated by: Brandi Lloyd

Deb Pixler is an outstanding neighbor despite the hurdles we have dealt with over the last year. Deb goes out of her way to keep everyone informed and to keep the Neighborhood Watch Meetings going. She ensures that neighbors are safe and completes checks on her street.

Deb is always there in an emergency willing to help in whatever way possible. She has great ideas and does not stress out in times of crisis.

We are lucky to have Deb in our community here at Rustic Acres Manufactured Homes! She is a superstar in my eyes.

Dick Kinney

Nominated by: Trish O'Brien

Dick Kinney is a great Ambassador for the Barber Valley and our Harris Ranch neighborhood, Spring Creek. He is on the Barber Valley Neighborhood Association Board, always looking out for our neighborhood and the entire Barber Valley.

He is always there to help a neighbor with mowing a lawn while away on vacation, or laid up after falling off a ladder. During Snowmageddon of 2017, he was shoveling countless driveways and sidewalks, always with a smile. While the Table Rock fire approached our homes, Dick Kinney was keeping a close eye on neighbor’s houses, and made sure the horse in the pasture was safe.

We are blessed to have Dick Kinney in our neighborhood!

Don and Mame Bair

Nominated by: Diane Weston

Don and Mame Bair are the backbone of our street. They take care of our houses when we go out of town and take care of us when we are in town. Don shovels our sidewalks and driveways all winter, and in summer they grow an amazing garden and give us fresh vegetables. Mame is a wonderful cook and baker too! I have known Don for almost 50 years and Mame for about 10 years, and can honestly say I've never seen anything but kindness from either one of them. They are truly wonderful neighbors!

Don Borchers

Nominated by: those grateful for your selfless service

Don Borchers contracted polio in 1950. Even with that and the fact that he now requires a motorized cart to move, he plays cards with the Vets at the vets home every week; he organized a car show to help vet's Christmas fund over 20 years ago; he has raised over $24,000 for the Melba Senior Center with his Melba Car Tour; he started getting loads of bread from Franz Bread and giving the bread to the Hope house for children - that is now been going for years; and he has been one of the driving forces in the Western Idaho Model T Ford Club since 1974. He provides selfless service to others without thought of the struggles he has, to just do the very simple things we take for granted.

Donna Bogdan

Nominated by: Mel Meier

Donna Bogdan is a long-term resident in our Ivywild Park Neighborhood. Lucky for me, our homes are adjacent to each other, and I’ve experienced firsthand her generosity and love for the community. Donna is the pulse of our neighborhood and makes an effort to know and support everyone around. Donna is always willing to offer her local knowledge (even honey spots!), loan her tools and toys, and lend a hand. She is an amazing gardener and will happily split her perennials to share with others. I appreciate the free flowers, but this act also works to beautify our little area of town. Donna is a skilled fisherwoman. Not only will she share her catch-of-the-day, she shares her angling expertise with neighborhood kids on fishing trips. The list of good deeds and acts of kindness is endless.

Individually, these may seem like simple gestures, but cumulatively they have a positive impact on our community. To me personally, Donna has been a blessing. My family resides in Oklahoma, and I only had a few friends when I moved to Boise. I hit the jackpot with Donna for a neighbor. My house feels a lot more like home with Donna next door!

Donna Burns

Nominated by: Jolene Anderson, Nancy Budge and Mary Hutcherson

Donna Burns is a tireless volunteer and great neighbor. As President of the Warm Springs Mesa Homeowner's Association she spends hours each week in organizing events on the Mesa. She goes out of her way to welcome new neighbors with a warm welcome. She organizes and participates in neighborhood trash clean-up, weeding/clipping on roadways, neighborhood garage sales, trail maintenance and working with new builders and developers adjacent to and expanding within our neighborhood. On the night of the June 30, 2016 Table Rock fire, she spent the night waking up neighbors and assisting others with the evacuation of homes on the Mesa.

She welcomes new people who move into the neighborhood and distributes flyers about social events. She gives out flowers to neighbors who do nice things for their neighbors.

Donna is a big reason that our neighbors know each other and look out for each other. Her goal for the Warm Springs Mesa is to be a safer and more welcoming place to live. She gives our Warm Springs Mesa neighborhood a sense of place and the people who live there a sense of belonging. Donna Burns is an exceptional example of a good neighbor.

Ellen Hampton

Nominated by: William Fowkes

Ellen Hampton is an exemplary citizen of Boise who has made the entire city of Boise, not just her neighborhood, a far better and much more compassionate place.

Ellen, at the age most people are looking to "retire", began caring for a couple of adults with developmental disabilities 9 years ago and went on to found HisWay LLC, a direct care service provider agency to serve those with significant developmental disabilities and mental health diagnosis in their neighborhoods. In that time, she has gone from serving a few to serving many who have nowhere else to turn. She is now the agency administrator for at least 65 individuals with over 200 employees to serve them, and also runs a day program for DD adults. Adults on the fringes of society, ones who are often seen as defective, find acceptance, respect, inclusion and purpose when they come to Ellen. Every day countless individuals come to give Ellen a heartfelt hug. Asked how she can do this she says with a twinkle, "I pray a lot". She is a super human being!

Gary D. Garrett

Nominated by: Barbara Robinson

Gary Garrett helps everyone in the area for blocks around. He cleans yards, gives people rides, mows lawns, fixes sprinklers, helps with irrigation issues, and is there if you call him day or night.

I've never met anyone who is more willing to put himself out there for others and rarely, if ever, will take money for his efforts.

He has taken flowers to a convenience store clerk because she had a bad experience; food to people who don't have enough; employed those who need a part-time job to tide them over.

He is selfless, kind and definitely deserves the Good Neighbor Award.

Ike Johnson

Nominated by: Missy Noeker

Ike Johnson really strives to keep our neighborhood up to snuff!

He lives on a corner lot and is centrally located in our neighborhood and can see the two main streets pretty well. Ike always keeps watch for anything suspicious and reports it if need be. He keeps a beautiful yard and the gutters clean of debris such as cigarette butts. Ike is always willing to help out if someone is in need or out of town, and will keep watch even if not asked. He has shoveled a lot of snow this past winter but more so he willingly pushed cars out when they were stuck!

Ike is an elderly, legally blind man with some other health concerns but you wouldn't know it by how he takes care of his neighbors! As a Neighborhood Watch Chairman, I appreciate Ike and all he does!

Jerry and Nann Sigler

Nominated by: Cindy Tilton

Despite recent medical appointments, Jerry and Nann Sigler still came over to help me with my yard work one Saturday morning. It takes me a whole day to do the mowing and trimming and just wears me out. As I have gotten older, the heat and sun affect me when I am outdoors. My roommate has progressive MS and has not been able to help me for a couple years now. I have no family to assist me, and these kind people have stepped up and come by on Saturday mornings to mow and trim with me. They are good company and lift my spirits. The first time they showed up (unexpectedly) I cried! They are very kind to take the time to help others in need. They deserve to be recognized for their good deed.

Jim Rimlinger

Nominated by: Danielle Falck

Jim Rimlinger, a 15-year U.S. Navy veteran and dedicated neighbor, provides a sense of order and safety within his apartment community – a natural segue from his life of military service. Over the past 3 years, since Jim first moved to the Northwest Pointe Apartments in Boise, he has faithfully chipped in to clean up litter, deliver flyers for residents, help the maintenance crew whenever needed, and patrol the property in the mornings and evenings, as part of his Neighborhood Watch duties, to ensure the residents’ safety. During the school year, Jim even keeps an eye out for all of the kids at the bus stop outside of his apartment, since Five Mile is such a busy street!

Jim has a great relationship with local law enforcement, as well as his neighbors – many of whom are new American residents. Several of his neighbors describe him as ‘someone they could trust if they had safety concerns.’ Being an active part of both the property management and Neighborhood Watch, as well as using the skills and character traits he learned throughout his military career, Jim stands out as an ideal neighbor as he helps serve and protect his community.

Julio Bilbao

Nominated by: Rob McQuade

Julio Bilbao has lived in the Highlands for decades and has exhibited his selflessness over the years. He has shoveled the walkways and driveways of elderly neighbors, picked up neighbor’s garbage, always has a smile and a wave when you drive by and more. Mr. Bilbao does this in spite of his own health issues.

Kari Peak

Nominated by: Rachel Corey

Three years ago, I was hit by a car while riding my bike, which resulted in a spinal cord injury. Kari Peak has been critical in my rehab regimen! I have a treadmill in my garage with a harness that I walk on. For about a year, I needed help getting hooked up in the harness system and getting unhooked. Kari would come back and forth between her house and my garage to hook and unhook me. She frequently repaired flat trike tires, so I could ride my trike around the neighborhood. Once, I had a squirrel come in through the pet door and she bravely came over to capture it and safely return it outside. Whenever I got myself in a pickle, she was always available to help me out!

Kelly Olson and Patricia Kennedy

Nominated by: Todd Fischer

Kelly Olson and Patricia Kennedy were concerned for the safety of the North Junior High students, and people enjoying Hyde Park and Camel's Back park. Together they formed a 13th street home owners group to address the speeding and drunk driving on 13th street. You have likely seen the bright yellow 20 MPH Please respect our HYDE PARK neighborhood signs. Many hours were spent in meetings lobbying for structural changes on 13th street to increase pedestrian safety.

Kerry Fitzharris

Nominated by: Pat Kilby

Kerry Fitzharris is the kind of neighbor everyone wishes they had. She watches your pets while you’re away, shares baked goods with everyone in the neighborhood, lends out her lawnmower, invites all to join in on her garage sale and invites neighbors over for specialty coffees on her porch each weekend. Need a cup of sugar, can of tomato sauce or an avocado? Kerry will give you her last. The neighborhood kids all know “Ms. Fitz” (and her cat Dodger). She’s always got a smile for them and she’s first in line at their lemonade stands. She helps them identify birds and offers them books she thinks they might enjoy. Ask anyone on the block about Kerry and you’ll hear a story about something she’s done for them, how she made them smile or how great she is to have in the neighborhood. Ms. Fitz assumes the best in everyone, extends her generosity to anyone and asks for nothing in return. I’ve never met a more generous, thoughtful, helpful and compassionate person and am happy to call her my neighbor and friend.

Larry Sale

Nominated by: John Hormaechea

Larry Sale helps out during the winter months by snow blowing a number of driveways in the neighborhood. He is carrying on the tradition started by his brother Roy to help out and be a good neighbor. Larry was especially helpful to those that otherwise couldn't do it for themselves.

Lisa Perry

Nominated by: Beth Banister

Lisa Perry has been down the street from us for 18 years. In that time, she has invited my kids over multiple times to play in her big yard with a trampoline and swing set and always gives them Otter Pops! She has given me many flower starts and always keeps a beautiful lawn and works so hard on it! She also freely "lends out" her yard for parties and gatherings. She is a devoted teacher and principal of an online school yet still finds time to volunteer every week with the cub scout boys. She has come over in the middle of the night to watch my kids when I was sick and my husband was out of town and she lends us bikes and camping gear. When her neighbor passed away, she arranged for people to come over and clean up their yard. We love her so much and know she is someone we can count on no matter what. She makes our neighborhood a better place and deserves to be recognized!!

Lynne Weathers and Irene Keefer

Nominated by: Leah Reagan

Lynne Weathers and Irene Keefer have an elderly neighbor who is trying to live independently in her home as long as possible. Lynne and Irene alternate evenings taking her dinner each night, checking in with her during the day when weather is hot and helping keep up her yard. In addition, they help everyone in the neighborhood when they can; pitching in with trimming bushes and sweeping the street and generally helping anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of something.

Mae Purvis

Nominated by: Sam Sandmire, Cary & Trevor Hattabaugh, Carmel Crock, Amy & Dan Steckel, Chris & Carolyn Volk, Meghan Levi & Chris Wuthrich, Mark & Cindy Ritchie

Mae Purvis is 95 years young.

She is her own personal "welcome wagon" to new neighbors. Mae takes care of the whole neighborhood, bringing us fresh produce and flowers from her fabulous garden. She shares starts from her perennials.

Mae visits farms weekly to pick up and deliver food for the tenants at the Good Samaritan Home, where she serves on the board.

An avid sports fan, Mae has neighbors over to watch football, basketball, baseball and the Olympics.

Mae is all of the neighbor kids’ adopted Grandma. They learned to ride their bikes in Mae's driveway, played with her teddy bears and sledded down her hill.

Last year, Mae was admitted to St. Luke’s for emergency surgery. When the doctor came out to the crowd of neighbors who were waiting to see how she did, he said, “Which of you are family members?” (Mae’s relatives live on the East & West Coast). So one of us said, “We all are!”

While Mae doesn’t seek or need any praise for all that she does, we can’t think of a more deserving person of the Good Neighbor Award.

Mark Wyma

Nominated by: Jane L. Young

Mark and Kathy Wyma live next door. Mark is the handyman of the neighborhood. He used to be the handyman for Spring Meadows when he lived there, but luckily, he moved next door! He helped us put in a sprinkler system. He is a great friend and always has a great story! Mark is always willing to lend a hand and muscle, never expecting payment, except maybe a handful of fresh blackberries! Just a great guy and fantastic neighbor! Couldn't ask for better people next door! Kathy is a peach, too!

Meghan Harrington

Nominated by: Kelci Lucier

Meghan Harrington is one of those humble, unsung heroes that every neighborhood needs -- but not every neighborhood is lucky enough to have.

In addition to working full time and being a wife and mother, Meghan does the tiny things that all add up to make a community great. She organized a book club that has now been going strong for several years; she drops by for a friendly and supportive chat when a friend needs it the most; she sends little messages to all of us, making sure our kids are okay after a particular struggle or event. She mountain bikes with neighbors and finds time to enjoy (and teach her children about) the great outdoors; she volunteers at Washington Elementary, where her son attends school.

Through all of these actions, she contributes a great sense of kindness, generosity, and citizenship to the North End -- and beyond. She’s a gem for our little corner of the world, and we are lucky to have her!

Dr. Michael Koob

Nominated by: Tim and Mary Hansen

Dr. Michael Koob has been taking care of all our dogs (6 of them) for about 30 years now.

He is everything you want your veterinarian to be; kind to both animals and their humans, empathetic, sensible, and realistic. Dr. Koob helped us say goodbye to our latest furry child this last March, and unabashedly cried along with us as we bid our Luci adieu. It was heart-wrenching, but he helped us make the right decision for Luci, even though our hearts were breaking.

Thanks, Dr. Mike, for everything!

Michelle Doane

Nominated by: Loralee Gray

Michelle Doane embodies "Good Neighbor." She is the "mama bear" of the Sunset Neighborhood Association and serves as its president. For years, SNA was inactive but Michelle revitalized the group, which has grown to be one of the most active neighborhoods in Boise. Michelle is often found holding court in her front yard on busy 32nd Street. There she waves to passersby and greets everyone who walks, bikes or runs by. Many stop to talk about the neighborhood, to discuss concerns or give high-fives for accomplishments. Concerns never fall on deaf ears. Michelle always looks for answers. The Sunset Neighborhood welcomes diversity and Michelle emphasizes the idea of inclusion for all our neighbors.

I love my neighborhood and my good neighbor, Michelle Doane, is one important reason.

Mike and Cindy Dietz

Nominated by: Kathy Barrett and Penny MacAllister

Mike and Cindy Dietz have been the hospitality hosts of our neighborhood for over 20 years. They shared their friendship and gifts with all of us. They opened their home, barbeque and swimming pool to everyone – giving us all a lifetime of summer memories.

Although their own parents lived out of state, they doted on our mother and an aging neighbor who was bereft when he lost his wife to cancer. Night after night, they fed him and coaxed him back to us. They fed us too, shoveled our icy walkways, entertained us, fixed our lawn mowers, drove us to the airport and doctor’s office visits and included us in holiday celebrations. Family is everything to Mike and Cindy – embracing our neighborhood, too, as extended Deitz family members.

As our neighborhood has inevitably aged, so too has the fragile health of our dear Mike. As we view the changing landscape and the turnover of homes and the families we once knew, we hope to welcome new friends in the days to come with the joy and acceptance Mike and Cindy modeled for all of us. The Dietzes express what is best about living in a neighborhood in the City of Boise – that we are all committed to making it a better place for everyone, one small gesture at a time.

Mike Merz

Nominated by: Katie Walther

Mike Merz is a great neighbor in countless ways. I'll list the wonderful accomplishments and improvements he has implemented:

• Maintains and manages a green space with beautiful flowering trees. He trims, mows and waters to keep our space beautiful.

• Neighborhood grants, which have served to make our Boise Heights neighborhood a safer and more beautiful place.

• Trail Creation and Maintenance. He encourages cleaning our trails and even built a connecting trail to the foothills system.

• Neighborly Socials - Hosts the annual Spring Flower Social and organizes the annual Christmas Party. He also maintains an updated contact list and will encourage new neighbors to be included.

• Served as President of the Boise Heights Neighborhood Association Board.

I'm quite sure that he has countless other great achievements that I'm forgetting or don't even know about. The nice thing is to recognize someone who still puts in the hard work to make our street and the greater neighborhood a better place.

Mike Pierson

Nominated by: Nancy Brown

Mike Pierson is a great neighbor for the following reasons:

• Has hosted a block BBQ for neighbors. Great food and a chance to meet those you only know by sight.

• Will always take your trash cans in for you when you are out of town.

• Will put your paper on the doorstep when you are out of town.

• Has one of the best yards in the neighborhood. Like a park.

• Christmas decorations are the best in the neighborhood.

• Is friendly and knows everyone... if you need to know what is happening in the "hood", he is the man to ask.

• Willing to lend tools if you don't have what you need.

• Has the best well-behaved dog, Skye.

• Delivered the North End Newsletter for me once when I was out of town.

Missy Cory

Nominated by: Rachel Corey

Three years ago, I was hit by a car while riding my bike, which resulted in a spinal cord injury. Missy Cory has been amazing to my rehab efforts. I am able to walk with crutches and a walker, but need someone with me for safety reasons. Missy, without fail, has walked with me at least one day every week. She is a massage therapist and has given me massages to accelerate my healing. Most importantly, she has been a huge encourager of my rehab efforts, which has kept me motivated to work hard. I didn't know her before my accident, but one day she came over and introduced herself, gave me her phone number and told me she wanted to help with my recovery. I am so glad she did, as not only is she is great neighbor, but now she has become a great friend!

Molly Mouser

Nominated by: Becky and Paul Terhaar

It's easy to see all the little things Molly Mouser does to strengthen our neighborhood. She’s the lead of our neighborhood’s social media network, regularly posting helpful tips on everything from how to care for compost carts, what public meetings might be of interest and how to sign up for Ada County's emergency text alerts. Neighbors might have spotted her collecting used eclipse glasses for Astronomers Without Borders or heard about her helping outfit local kids with used ski and snowboarding gear.

But it's not as easy to see all the big ways she boosts our community, because she’s not the bragging type. Molly single-handedly kept several storm drains clear during the harsh winter storms. She volunteers with the neighborhood watch and also as a big sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She’s quick to lend a hand to a neighbor in need.

In many ways, she’s the backbone of our little neighborhood, keeping the community uplifted and strong. We can’t imagine a better neighbor than Molly!

Myriame Fisse

Nominated by: Fairy Hitchcock

Myriame Fisse has lived at her current address for 12 years and has been involved with neighbors in many helpful ways during those years. Elderly neighbor, Frank Meyers who sadly passed away, lived across the street. Myriame took meals to him and assisted him when he had become disoriented from low blood sugar as a diabetic. Frank at 92 needed to be moved into assisted care which Myriame helped coordinate, taking him to Doctor Visits and did the pre-investigative work to find a place he could live. As his condition became more serious, she assisted in getting him into Veterans Housing. Just a few days later he passed away. Myriame put out a plea on Facebook for her neighbors to attend his Funeral and not forget him. Bill Manny wrote a Statesman Article about it after he attended Frank's Veteran's Funeral which had full Honors. Myriame quit her Job in Spring 2017 to be with her children more as her son plays Little League. Her time was spent there as well as helping her elderly neighbor in his last days as he had no family here. She is also active in Church and children’s school.

Nick Brown and Deena Ballantyne

Nominated by: Bert Kastel

Nick Brown and Deena Ballantyne are always positive, involved, and provide consistently subtle and positive input to enrich and bring the community together! They frequently walk the neighborhood's dogs (any of them), talk to everybody and therefore know everybody, show interest in the personal lives of the neighborhood, introduce and connect neighbors, initiate get-togethers like block parties, dinners, and outings, take care of trash when neighbors travel, clear snow from driveways of elderly neighbors, take care of neighborhood lamps, get involved in neighborhood meetings, and last but not least hang out in the driveway to socially bring people together and generate a constant feel-good atmosphere. The list could go on: I am just running out of time and space...

So - they do nothing dramatic, but through the way they do all those many things they are the most important and most positive building block that any neighborhood could wish for!

Patty Archer

Nominated by: Kara L. Craig

Patty Archer moved in next door to my aging parents a little more than two years ago. Throughout this time, I can’t imagine a better neighbor for them to have. Patty checked in on my 88-year-old mother and 90-year-old father every day. She would take them on errands if they needed to go somewhere, because they were no longer driving. She cooked dinner and took it to them on occasion. She looked after their garden, which became too much for my parents to do. Patty grew to love my parents, and they grew to love her, as well. My father passed away in May of this year, and Patty has been a tremendous source of support for my Mother, having lost her husband to the same disease (Alzheimer’s) just a few years ago. Patty is a compassionate and caring person, who does for others without expecting anything in return. This world would be a better place if there were more Patty’s looking after us all. She recently sold her home, so she will be blessing some new neighborhood with her presence, but I know her friendship with my Mom will last the rest of Mom’s life.

Rob Mason

Nominated by: Todd Kurowski

Rob Mason is a leading board member for the Sunset Neighborhood. He has been very active with attracting city improvement grants as well as deep involvement with the neighborhood signs project and the finished micro-path on 34th and Anderson. Rob is consistently present and involved with most forms of city planning and reformation. Rob continues to demonstrate that he is an excellent neighbor and member of our Boise community.

Roger Gehrke

Nominated by: Molly Mouser

“Every neighborhood needs a Roger!” That is a common phrase among the El Pelar neighbors. Roger Gehrke keeps an eye on everything in our neighborhood without being snoopy! He helps us with mowing, snow removal (often before we even wake up!), sprinkler and home repair, and pet sitting. If we’re not able to be home when a repairman visits, we can trust Roger to let them in and supervise the work. We rarely have to bring our empty trash containers from the curb because Roger beats us to it.

This summer, my water main broke and the plumber said it would be more than one week before he could fix it. Roger figured out how to hook up a hose from his house to mine just so I would have water!

If Roger sees something suspicious in our neighborhood, he will bring it to our attention. We all feel safer when he is at home. The neighborhood feels empty when Roger goes on vacation! His friendliness and willingness to help in any situation makes us comfortable to ask for assistance when needed. Roger is more than a good neighbor; he and his wife are more like family.

Ron and Larraine Clayton

Nominated by: Katie Warden

If good fences make good neighbors, then Ron and Larraine Clayton are the best, having helped to repair ours. We were newlyweds who had just moved in to our first house, and couldn't afford to pay someone to fix it. Over the last three years, they've been our first call when the garbage disposal broke or we needed encouragement as new parents. They host 'driveway beers' for all the neighbors to get together and got us involved in the District 17 Democratic Party. Ron and Larraine are unfailingly kind and generous and represent the best of Boise.

Ryan Peck

Nominated by: Stephanie Coyle

Ryan Peck has been a long-time key figure in Boise's cultural progression via his work with Music From Stanley, Boise Rock School, Rock On Wheels, Boise All-Ages Movement Project, Radio Boise, and as a talented musician among the Boise music scene and small business owner of Peace Valley Dry Goods. He makes friends wherever he goes, selflessly extends his heart and generosity to help others succeed, lends brilliant ideas and grant writing skills to numerous non-profits, makes learning fun in the BSU Biology Department, is a die-hard supporter of local businesses and is always encouraging and helping others to follow their dreams. He is a best friend to many, and a good neighbor in every sense of the word!

Sam Sandmire

Nominated by: Joanie Fauci

Sam Sandmire is VERY active in the community and has been for years. She was on her Neighborhood Association Board for years, and is currently the Board President for the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley. She organizes others to organize for causes they are concerned about. She put together a large gathering of organizations on a rainy First Thursday this spring. Sam is always positive and supportive of ideas and actions to help one achieve their goals.

Steve Bylund

Nominated by: Kristen Haxby

Steve Bylund is always doing something to improve our neighborhood. He weed eats the path behind our house, pulls weeds, and picks up garbage. He is always mowing a neighbor’s lawn that didn't have time or cleaning up his street. He is all about community and has helped many neighbors move or with a project. He is just an all-around great guy who cares about his neighbors and his community.

Sue Myers

Nominated by: Anthony Doerr

Sue Myers brings in your trash and recycling cans when you're out of town, leaves freshly-baked cookies and freshly-picked cherries on your doorstep, remembers your kids' birthdays, calls you when you leave your garage door up at night, buys you dog treats when you get a new puppy, tells you when a cool-looking great-horned owl is standing on your roof, and knows the non-emergency number for the Boise Police by heart. She is always smiling, always interested in your life, always empathetic to whatever you might have going on, and yet always respects your privacy, too. When our son needs an extra egg because he has decided to make a cake at 8 am on a Saturday morning, we call Sue. When a weird car is parked in the cul-de-sac at 9 pm with an unresponsive guy in camouflage passed out behind the wheel, we call Sue. Neighbors like Sue make Boise, Boise, and we're so blessed to be able to call her a friend.

Sue Pliler

Nominated by: Danielle Anderson

Sue Pliler makes caring contagious! She truly cares about our neighbors. You will always get a smile and a wave whenever you see her, and she takes time out of her day to talk and get to know all of us. Sue even gives my dog birthday presents and special homemade treats. We all enjoy her jelly and wise words. Sue is a retired school teacher, and I would imagine she has impacted many lives like she has with our neighborhood. She volunteers with her grandson’s school a couple days a week and also in programs where she helps those learning English. I truly believe that she had made our neighborhood aware of each other and respect each other. I now talk and know people around me because of her. More important, she has taught me self-worth and to stand up for myself. In speaking with some of her colleagues I find I am not the only one who values her. Sue deserves to be recognized!

Tara Wright-Ellis and Andrew Ellis

Nominated by: Sandie Waters

Tara Wright-Ellis and Andrew Ellis are amazing neighbors! On August 21st, Tara organized an eclipse viewing party on the hill at the end of 6th Street. It was fun for all of the neighbor kids to watch together. They help in times of need, for example: I teach high school and my day starts much earlier than my daughter's elementary school. Tara has on many occasions taken my daughter at 7:15, fed her breakfast, done her hair and walked her to school.

Tara and Andrew have a garden and share veggies out of it with the neighbors or let us come pick. Tara is like the neighborhood Mom; she scoops up kids from many of the neighbors and takes them on fun outings. She and Andrew also help watch a young mother's daughter often, when she has to be at work. This is just the beginning! I could go on about the epic neighborhood birthday parties, fireworks in the street or other holiday get-togethers. We are beyond lucky!!

Taryn and TJ Mayer

Nominated by: Autumn Henderson

Taryn and TJ Mayer are people that we can rely on and they set a great example of what neighbors should be. Our kids play so well together, and if I ever need anything I know I can go over and ask or text. I have never had neighbors like these guys. I cherish the friendship we've made and I can't think of more deserving neighbors of this award. They've truly blessed our lives.

I love when they come over and we just have a campfire with our kids or we just chat about life. I love how she helps me with my kids and gives me a break, especially since we have a 3 month old. It's so hard for me to ask for help, and Taryn makes it so easy for me to ask for anything.

I feel so lucky to live next to them and I don't know what I'd do if they weren't my neighbor.

Vicki Kreimeyer

Nominated by: Lisa Hecht

Vicki Kreimeyer is a wonderful neighbor, who makes time to get to know her neighbors, and is a former president of her HOA. Much more than that, she is a citizen who has contributed greatly to Boise over many years! She was the Director of Adult Services at the downtown Boise Public Library for many years. She has also been a longtime, key member of the Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation, where she not only donated to its causes, but also formerly headed the Education Committee. She sits on the board of City Club, which promotes civil discourse, taking on important and sometimes challenging topics. She is a tireless supporter of the arts; she serves on the Opera Idaho board, and has housed visiting artists from both Opera Idaho and the Boise Philharmonic. She sings with Opera Idaho and the Master Chorale. Vicki loves Boise and gives her best to it in everything she does!

Vida Carisa Landa

Nominated by: Roy Napper

Vida Carisa Landa is a committed parent, family person and neighbor. Just a month after moving into the neighborhood she became a key member of the Gary Lane Meadows HOA board and a Special Projects Committee person for the Pierce Park Neighborhood Association. If there is a volunteer needed for a project, Vida is there. When a swing set was vandalized in the HOA neighborhood park, Vida helped correct the problem, then spearheaded a yard sale to help raise funds to purchase much needed safety bark for under the playground equipment. Vida organized, collected items to sell then found the best price for the right type of bark, picked up and delivered the bark to the playground and with other volunteers, unloaded and spread the bark on the playground. We now have a much safer playground. During this year’s National Night Out, she helped with set up, manned the raffle basket table and helped clean up afterward. Vida was a key volunteer in making National Night Out a great success. Vida has helped watch and safeguard neighbors' homes while they were away on vacation. Vida is simply a great team person to have and also a good friend.

Vinnie Montagne

Nominated by: Rhonda Hall

Vinnie Montagne knows everyone in our neighborhood and keeps me and others advised of any suspicious activity. He has been my next door neighbor since I moved in January 2006. Vinnie has cleared my sidewalk, the path to the front door and my porch of snow every winter. He just watches out for all of us on Bannock. He is friendly and funny. He has helped me so much; pruning bushes or loosening tight hoses, or suggesting what plant to put where. In the winter he comes by to check on my well-being. He doesn't see me much because I don't like driving in the snow. When on vacation, Vinnie will watch for packages on my porch or books, etc. He generally watches my house to see if anything untoward is happening. Vinnie is such a great guy and is our Neighborhood Watch in and of himself!

Business Nominations

Golden Eagle Audubon Society

Nominated by: Kate Smith

In brief, the Golden Eagle Audubon Society is an excellent neighbor in how they interact with the citizens of Boise and with the family and nature-oriented organizations here.

In a typical year, they host 70+ free field trips and more than a dozen public presentations. They participate in city events (like Conservation in the City), teach community education classes, partner with Boise district classrooms for environmental education (like Idaho Bird by Bird), and work with Boise Parks and Rec to lead family bird walks.

Through their New Roots Program, the Golden Eagle Audubon Society also engages refugee youth in our Boise community and in the natural splendor right in our back yard. And, of course, they partner on a number of conservation initiatives that help keep our Treasure Valley beautiful. They do all of this entirely on a volunteer basis, with a genuine and enduring love for the Boise community. They forge new relationships with every community they interact with. That’s pretty neighborly!

Mid-Century Homes by Moniker Real Estate

Nominated by: Elizabeth Langley

Mid-Century Homes by Moniker Real Estate works to build and preserve midcentury neighborhood recognition across Boise. By providing free weekly and monthly home tours, working with residents and real estate agents to recognize and preserve Boise mid-century architecture, connecting home owners to preservation organizations, specialists and more. They have singlehandedly built a recognition for the mid-century market in Boise to locals and nationally.