Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Mayor Bieter Announces Recipients of Boise's 2017 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants

Mayor David Bieter today announced the City of Boise’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant awards for 2017. Part of the City’s Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative, the awards fund improvements in neighborhoods across the city that enrich the lives of residents, enhance quality of life and encourage a strong sense of community.

In all, the city approved 34 capital project grants worth $555,000 and another 24 mini-grants worth $43,100. Each project was requested by application through the city’s registered neighborhood associations. (Please see entire list of awards below.)

“Great cities are made up of great neighborhoods. Here in Boise, our neighborhoods are the backbone of our city’s celebrated livability,” said Mayor Bieter, who made the announcement at Liberty Park, with members of the newly formed Liberty Park Neighborhood Association. “Working with residents to understand what they need to create a more vibrant neighborhood is what Energize Our Neighborhoods is all about. There’s no better example of that than work being done around Liberty Park.”

Working with the Liberty Park Neighborhood Association, the city has funded a variety of projects in the area, including a community garden – one of the largest in the city. This year, the Liberty Park Neighborhood Association applied for and was awarded a grant to build a new shelter and tables for the park.

“There’s lots of excitement in our neighborhood about what we’ll be able to do in the Liberty Park area with projects like this,” said Neil Jenkins, president of the Liberty Park Neighborhood Association. “This project will make our park much more for all of the families and kids in our neighborhood.”

Energize Our Neighborhoods is a long-term strategy for keeping Boise unique and vibrant. This innovative program is a collaboration between Boise’s residents, public and private partners, and the City to improve livability. It works to identify opportunities to align resources, make measurable change, and create more vibrant and connected neighborhoods. The program is focused on neighborhood-level citizen engagement around projects designed to increase livability.

Energize Our Neighborhoods is focused on eight topical planning areas: arts and history; children and youth; health and community; public safety/firewise; sustainability and transportation. This year’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants are organized within these focus areas.



2017 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Awards
Neighborhood Association                                  Project Amount

Arts & History / Placemaking - Total $361,174 - 60% of total

North & East End(s) FDR Interpretive Project $10,600
Liberty Park Shelter & Tables (Liberty Park) $50,000
Sunset Shelter (Sunset Park) $67,259
Vista Traffic Box Art (x3) $8,100
West Bench Traffic Box Art (x3) $7,500
Townsite/West Valley Historical Interpretation Signage $6,000
West Valley Landscaping & Signage $106,215
Various (City-wide) Urban Trails Program Signage $105,500


Children & Youth - Total $57,400 - 7% of total 

Depot Bench Playground Equipment (Jefferson Elementary) $56,000
South Boise Village Outdoor Updates (Garfield Elementary) $1,400


Public Safety - Total $37,500 - 6% of total 

Lusk District Greenbelt Solar Pedestrian Lighting $37,500


Transportation - Total $98,926 - 16% of total

Central Bench  Cassia Park Bridge $75,000
Sunset/Veterans Park(s)  Bike Repair Stations $4,892
Sunset  Sunset Project (fence, lighting, art, xeriscaping) $19,034



 Total Capital Projects (14) $555,000
 Total Mini-Grants (24) $43,100
 Total Garden Insurance (4) $1,900


Total 2017 NRG Grants