Thursday, March 30, 2017

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City of Boise Becomes First Government Entity Certified by Goodwell

The City of Boise recently became the first government entity in the nation to be certified by GoodWell, a Boise-based company that empowers organizations with the tools to measure, compare and improve their labor practices.

Founded by Peter Gombert, the founder and former CEO of Boise-based Balihoo, GoodWell requires its members to measure and pass 11 key metrics related to the treatment of their employees to become certified. The process provides employers with a set of “human metrics” that gives them an objective view about their practices as an employer, as well as demonstrate their organization’s values to employees and the broader community.

“We’re constantly working to make Boise the most livable city in the country,” said Mayor David Bieter. “That goal goes hand in hand with creating a workplace where all employees have the opportunity to thrive and love what they do. We couldn’t be more pleased with our GoodWell certification, and look forward to the perspective and tools that it brings that will help us improve as an employer.”

GoodWell certification provides:

  • Providing insight into key performance indicators of employee treatment
  • Benchmarking organizational human metrics against peers to ensure best practices
  • Proving to current and prospective employees that intentions align with actions
  • Demonstrating that a great workplace benefits customers, investors, and communities
  • Using scientifically valid methods to measure employee satisfaction and gather crucial feedback

“The City of Boise was a perfect choice for the first governmental entity in the U.S. to become certified. GoodWell Certification demonstrates an employer’s commitment to its most strategic asset, its people,” said Gombert, founder and chairman of GoodWell.  “Mayor Bieter, the council and all of the leadership have demonstrated this commitment time and time again, and now they have the metrics to prove it.”

Boise City Council members, who have helped drive the city’s success at creating an open and vibrant employee culture, see the Goodwell certification as a next logical step in making more improvements that will benefit employees and, by extension, the residents of Boise.

“It's important to the City Council that the City lead by example and working with a local startup to become certified as a GoodWell company allowed us to do that,” said Boise City Council President Pro Tem Lauren McLean. “We now have metrics around areas such as gender pay equity, and I know each of us looks forward to seeing how we can continue to improve, hand in hand with our employees and Boise citizens.”

An information session about GoodWell and its work will be held at Trailhead from 4:30-6:30 p.m. on April 13. For more information about GoodWell visit or email at