Friday, April 15, 2016

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Mayor Bieter Announces City's 2016 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants

Mayor David Bieter today announced the City of Boise’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant awards for 2016. Part of the City’s Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative, the awards fund improvements in neighborhoods all across the city that enrich the lives of residents, enhance quality of life and encourage a strong sense of community.

In all, the city approved 20 capital project grants worth $446,810 and another 26 mini-grants worth $40,733. Each project was requested by application through the city’s registered neighborhood associations.

 “Our neighborhoods are the backbone of our city’s celebrated livability,” said Mayor Bieter, who made the announcement at Comba Park in the West Valley Neighborhood, where more than $580,000 has been invested through the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant program. In all, more than $5.5 million in neighborhood reinvestment grants have been awarded citywide since 1997. “Working with neighbors to understand what they need to create a more vibrant neighborhood is what Energize Our Neighborhoods is all about. There’s no better example of that than right here in the West Valley Neighborhood.”

 Working with the West Valley Neighborhood Association, the city has funded a variety of projects in the area, including a community garden at Comba Park and playground equipment and paths at five West Valley parks. 

 “These grant-funded projects have been a huge benefit to the West Valley neighborhood,” said Dick Menz, President of the West Valley Neighborhood Association. “This program allows our neighborhood association to have a direct say in the ways we can improve our quality of life. It allows us to decide our priorities as a neighborhood.”

 Energize Our Neighborhoods is a long-term strategy for keeping Boise unique and vibrant. This innovative program is a collaboration between Boise’s residents, public and private partners, and the City to improve livability. It works to identify opportunities to align

resources, make measurable change, and create more vibrant and connected neighborhoods. The program is focused on neighborhood-level citizen engagement around projects designed to increase livability.

 Energize Our Neighborhoods is focused on eight topical planning areas: arts and history; children and youth; health and community; public safety/firewise; sustainability and transportation. This year’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants are organized within these focus areas.


                                               2016 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Awards

Neighborhood Association



Arts & History/Placemaking - Total: $135,396 - 28 percent

Barber Valley Barberton Valley History $15,000
North & East Ends FDR 1937 Visit Exhibits (Phase 1) $15,000
Central Rim Three Sign Toppers $1,289
Sunset Neighborhood Pole Signs $43,800
Morris Hill & Depot Bench Dog Park Amenities (Morris Hill Park) $49,307
Morris Hill & Depot Bench Electricity (Morris Hill Park) $11,000

Children & Youth Focus Area - Total: $129,700 - 30 percent

North End Playground Equipment (Wash. Elem.) $52,000
Vista Native Plant Learn. Cntr. (Hawthorne Elem.) $30,000
Veterans Park Playground Equipment (Fairview Park) $47,700

Health & Community Services - Total: $9,000 - 2 percent

Central Bench Community Garden $4,000
East End Roanoke Community Garden $5,000

Public Safety / Firewise - Total: $65,000 - 15 percent

Central Foothills Firewise Chipper $25,000
East End Chipper Service $10,000
Highlands Chipper Service $20,000
Warm Springs Mesa Safety & Chipper $10,000

Sustainability - Total: 45,714 - 15 percent

East End Neighborhood Plan $20,714
Central Bench Neighborhood Plan $25,000

Transportation - Total: $62,000 - 14 percent

Highlands Trail Head Access, Bogus Basin to Harrison Hollow $11,000
North End Boise Green Bike Station, Hyde Park $5,000
North End 13th St. Historic Lighting $46,000


Capital Grants (20): $446,810

Mini-Grants (26):


Total 2016 NRG: $487,543