Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Contact: Mike Journee
208-384-4402 |

City Council voices support of downtown bike lanes, two-way street additions

The City Council today voiced its support for amendments to the Downtown Implementation Plan that would add buffered bike lanes on Main and Idaho streets and convert 5th and 6th streets from one-way to two-way.  

“By adding buffered bike lanes on these highly visible streets, we will make it safer and easier to ride a bike downtown, and we’ll send a message that Boise is serious about alternative forms of transportation,” Mayor David Bieter said.  “I encourage everyone to visit by Thursday, March 27 to submit their comments on the proposed changes.”

The amended proposal calls for the addition of buffered bike lanes along Idaho Street Main Street by removing an auto lane and to Capitol Boulevard by reducing the width of the existing travel lanes and removing an auto lane south of Fulton.  It also calls for 5th and 6th streets to be converted to two-way traffic with bike “sharrow” markings along 5th Street.

The original Downtown Implementation Plan calls for 3rd, 4th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and Jefferson streets to be converted from one-way to two way traffic and for new bikes lanes to be installed along Jefferson, 5th and 6th streets, resulting in a loss of 163 on-street parking spaces.  

Under the new proposal, the bike lanes along Jefferson would not be installed, eliminating the need to remove 103 parking spaces along that street. Additionally, 41 new on-street spots would be created along Capitol Boulevard and Main Street, resulting in a net loss of only 9 on-street parking spaces under the new plan, far less than the 163 spaces lost under the original plan.

Following the public comment period, the proposal will go to the Ada County Highway District for consideration.