Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Mayor Bieter announces Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant recipients

Mayor David Bieter today joined with Boise neighborhood associations to announce the 2013 recipients of the City of Boise Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants program.

This year Boise awarded 17 capital grants totaling $290,393 and 9 mini-grants totaling $17,409 for a total of $307,802. The event was held along the Boise River near ParkCenter Blvd where Black Cottonwood trees have been replanted by the East End and Southeast Neighborhood associations using funds awarded during the 2012 grant cycle. 

The capital grants are intended to fund physical improvements within neighborhoods that will enrich the lives of citizens, enhance the quality of life and encourage a strong sense of community. Mini-grants can be used by neighborhood associations for non-capital projects.

“Every spring it is a pleasure to announce the new projects that neighborhoods have undertaken to improve their surroundings” Mayor David Bieter said. “This year is particularly significant because several of the neighborhoods are doing projects in honor of BOISE 150 to capture their neighborhood’s rich history. I can’t wait to see the results.”

Projects that will receive funding this year include:

  • 150 Years of Borah History (Borah Neighborhood Association) Fifteen traffic control boxes will be adorned with artwork that depicts the 150-year history of the Borah neighborhood, with an emphasis on the evolution of that area of the city. ($30,900)
  • Oral History (Central Bench Neighborhood Association) Long-time Central Bench residents will be interviewed by a Boise State historian to document their stories of day-to-day life and special events in the neighborhood.  The recorded oral histories will become a part of the City’s historical archives. ($7,650)
  • Neighborhood Market Locations (North End Neighborhood Association) Historic neighborhood market locations will be identified throughout the North End.  A map identifying former and current market sites will be created and permanent identification monuments will be installed at each location. ($15,000)
  • Historic District Signs (East End Neighborhood Association) Signage for the north and south edges of the East End willbeinstalled to foster increased pride in the neighborhood. ($6,600)
  • Whitewater Park Blvd Roundabout Art (Veterans Park Neighborhood Association) New artwork will be commissioned for the roundabouts to be constructed along Whitewater Park Blvd connecting Main and State streets.  ($28,000)

Full list of recipients:

2013 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants
Neighborhood Association Project Name NRG Funds Approved
Boise Heights Boise Hills Bike Path & Landscaping $24,170
Borah 150 Years of Borah Neighborhood Portrayed on 15 Traffic Control Boxes (B-150)    $30,900
Central Bench (1) Oral History of Central Bench (B-150) Priority #1. $7,650
Central Bench (2) Traffic Box Art of CBNA History, 3 Traffic Boxes (B-150) Priority #2 $8,100
Central Bench (3) Neighborhood Identity Sign Poles - Design & Fabrication  Priority #3 $41,940
Downtown  Traffic box art - 5 traffic boxes $14,943
East End  Restroom Facility - Table Rock & Castle Rock Trailheads $22,000
East End  EE Historic District Signs - 12 $6,600
Morris Hill Historical research & Brochure  (B-150) $12,780
North End Research & Identify Historic Neighborhood Market Locations (B-150) $15,000
North End 1912 Fire House-Interpretive Sign 1518 W Fort St (B-150) $3,180
South Boise Village Manitou Park Bike Racks $4,260
Southeast Shelter at Helen B. Lowder Park $20,000
Veterans Park Public Art-30th St Roundabout $28,000
Vista Picnic Shelter-Hawthorne Elementary $34,840
Warm Springs Mesa Mesa Firewise Demonstration Gardens $16,030
17 Total Capital Grant Requests $290,393
2013 Mini-grant Requests  Description NRG Funds Approved
Central Bench NH marketing & spring festival (B-150) $5,984
Central Foothills Sandwich Board overlay reusable signs $480
East End Communications, website upgrade, event flyers, reusable signs $800
Morris Hill Communication, printing, flyers, website upgrade, neighborhood survey data entry, crime prevention, $2,000
Southeast Reprint Original South Boise Walking Tour Brochure (1st Printing 2006) $1,000 $1,000
Southeast Wayfinding signs to Greenbelt, Parkcenter Blvd.  $1,675
Veterans Park VPNA Logo and Branding $2,000
Vista Communications - website upgrade, supplies, materials $1,470
Warm Springs Mesa Communications -Public safety packet, FireWise Safety Assessment Kit, print logo letterhead on Welcome Bags and business cards, website "Contact " 2 A-frame reusable signs $2,000
9 Total Mini Grant Requests $17,409
TOTAL 2013 Grant Requests $307,802