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It is important that everyone interested in using the Ethics Commission process be fully informed. Please read all the definitions and instructions before submitting your comments or concerns.

Request for Inquiry

Any person may file an inquiry with the Ethics Commission asking whether a current elected or appointed official or employee has failed to comply with the Boise City Code of Ethics. The City Clerk or designee shall accept inquiries on behalf of the Ethics Commission and shall immediately transmit such inquiry to the Commission or its designee.

Please describe the facts that you believe constitute a violation of the Boise City Code of Ethics in sufficient detail so that the Boise City Ethics Commission and the person who is the subject of the inquiry can understand the nature of the alleged violation. Give as much detail as possible, including names, relationships, approximate dates, etc. Please note, a copy of the inquiry will be sent to the person who is the subject of the inquiry and may be made available to the public.

If you wish to file an inquiry about more than one person, you must file a separate inquiry form (and any attachments) for each person. Employees of the City of Boise and members of the public can refer an issue to the Ethics Commission for possible review by filing a referral using the Inquiry Form. E-mail your request to or call the 24-hour Ethics Hotline by dialing 866-894-3423. Callers may choose to remain anonymous, although doing so may limit the Commissions ability to fully investigate an issue.

General Comment

Any comments or suggestions not related to either a Request for Inquiry or a Request for an Advisory Opinion can be done by E-mail at

For City Employees, Officials and Volunteers Only

Request for an Advisory Opinion

Any current employee, or elected or appointed official may submit a written request to the Ethics Commission for advisory opinions on whether any conduct by that person would constitute a violation of the Boise City Code of Ethics.

The Ethics Commission shall render an advisory opinion pursuant to written rules adopted by the Commission. Employees, Officials and Volunteers of the City of Boise can request an advisory opinion by filing a Advisory Opinion Request Form or by e-mailing your request to

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