Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions

The Advisory Opinions contained on this page are unofficial and for information purposes only. A certified copy of any advisory opinion contained on this page may be requested from the ethics commission in writing to: Boise Ethics Commission, 150 North Capitol Blvd., Boise, Idaho 83702

Opinion 05-01
A city official who is also a member of a professional organization related to his position with the City may seek sponsorship funding for a conference of the professional organization from entities with whom the City does business where there is no pecuniary gain by the official. The City official should, however, clarify in writing that the solicitation is being made on behalf of the professional organization and not on behalf of the City.

Opinion 05-02
Parks and Recreation employees may not be employed for pay during non-work hours by a third party (running irrigation systems for testing by a third party engineer) where the work to be done is so closely tied to their normal job duties for the City that, but for their City employment, this employment opportunity with the third party would not have arisen.

Opinion 05-03
The manager of the City’s Housing and Community Development division may serve on the Board of Directors of a non-profit community service organization where the employee will receive no pecuniary benefit and the organization does not seek financial assistance from the City.

Opinion 05-04
A City employee may not accept a free event ticket worth $199 from a vendor with whom the City does business.

Opinion 05-05
City employees may attend breakfasts and luncheons hosted by the City’s solid waste contractor as these events have a business purpose and the meals are valued at less than $50.

Opinion 05-06
City employees may attend training on environmental regulations and technical issues presented by third parties, even where the party presenting the training either has an existing business relationship with the City or may have a business relationship in the future, since the training is presented at no cost and does not have a substantial risk of undermining impartiality.

Opinion 05-07
The manager of the City’s Housing and Community Development division may serve as a Director of a non-profit mortgage banking consortium where the employee receives no pecuniary benefit for his service as a Director.

Opinion 06-01
City employees may not conduct business with the City through an outside business venture that is owned by the employees (leasing a firearms range) where the employees have a direct pecuniary interest and the venture exceeds $50 in payments to the employees, making the interest more than de minimus.

Opinion 06-02
A city employee may be compensated by a third party for “striping” fields on City property for athletic use where the “striping” is outside the normal scope of the employee’s duties with the city and is done not on city time or with city equipment.

Opinion 06-03
City employees may accept discounts on personal computers from vendors with whom the city does business where the discount program is offered broadly to a large group, i.e., all governmental employees.

Opinion 06-05
An individual employee may accept a complimentary e-learning course that is valued at less than $50 from an entity with whom the city does not do business.

Opinion 06-06
Fire department employees may receive “thank you” gift certificates from citizens where the certificates are valued under $50.

Opinion 06-07
Conference attendees may accept door prizes from organizer of conference, even if the value is above $50, and may also accept attendance “gifts” from the conference organizer as they are not really “gifts” but part of the Conference cost. Attendees should avoid accepting door prizes valued over $50 from conference vendors. City employees may receive free event tickets that are valued over $50 if the entity providing the ticket does not do business with the City and that there is no appearance of attempting to influence the employee(s).

Opinion 06-08
City employees may not solicit or ask contract vendors or non-contract suppliers to provide products for City use.

Opinion 06-09
City employees may accept door prizes from the United Way, even if the value is above $50 so long as the prize is not being used to undermine official impartiality.

Opinion 07-01 Boise City Police employee may not sell safety encrypted cards to the City of Boise where the employee receives a personal beneficial interest from the sale of the cards.

Opinion 07-02
An employee may not subcontract with or serve as a temporary employee for an organization that has a business relationship with the City because such a relationship would create an apparent conflict of interest and a prohibited personal beneficial interest.

Opinion 07-03
A part-time City employee may participate as an exhibitor at the City's Health Fair to promote her acupuncture services.

Opinion 07-04
City employees may work for companies that perform similar work as they are employed to do for the City when paid as hourly, fixed wage employees and there is not a conflict of interest or violation of the fiduciary duties owed to the City.

Opinion 07-05
City employee may work for Cableone broadcasting on television and radio when paid a fixed amount per broadcast, despite department's potential business relationship with Cableone.

Opinion 07-06
Ridge to Rivers employee may start a private trail consulting business for areas outside the Ridge to Rivers operating area.

Opinion 07-07
A member of the City's Ethics Commission may receive a monetary award for their community service/outreach from their employer.

Opinion 08-01
City employee may serve as Interim Fire Chief despite a conflict of interest with a vendor. Conflict of interest was properly disclosed and employee was removed from all work-related responsibilities related to the vendor.

Opinion 08-02
An employee may apply to rent a market value property owned by the City. The employee would be required to follow all application and screening requirements and to meet all leasing provisions, similar to any other person attempting to rent the property.

Opinion 08-03
Public works employee who assists in bidding process and directs work of City contractors may be able to hire a City contractor to paint his personal home only if he discloses the issue to the Mayor. The Mayor shall determine whether the conflict is de minimus or requires reassignment of duties creating the conflict to another official in the same department.

Opinion 08-04
City employees may attend the free Microsoft conference and partake in continental breakfast, however, they may not accept software programs or door prizes from the conference.

Opinion 08-05
An employee may start a fiber splicing business where the employee's personal beneficial interest is remote and there is no conflict of interest for the employee.

Opinion 08-06
A City Parks and Recreation employee may coach his son’s hockey teams but may not accept any sort of compensation for coaching.

Opinion 08-07
A City Public Arts employee may apply for an unpaid fellowship, where the work would be on her own time and the City does not compete for grants with the organization or conduct similar research activities.

Opinion 09-01
A City employee may not submit a bid for emergency vehicle up-fitting services for the City.

Opinion 09-02
A City Information Technology employee may perform work for a fee on fellow City employees’ computers and peripherals.

Opinion 09-03
City employee with an outside business should refrain from performing services for fellow City employees, who are either up or down in the City employee’s own chain of command, due to the potential for conflicts of interests and inferences of improper influences. Further, if outside work is being done for a City employee in the same department but not in the same chain of command, the relationship should be disclosed to a supervisor prior to any work being done.

Opinion 09-04
Airport Commissioners, City employees and their family members may lease
T-hangars or commercial properties from the City, so long as they disclose the potential conflict of interest to the Airport Director and recuse themselves from any discussion concerning policies affecting the lease of T-hangars or commercial properties.

Opinion 09-05
A City employee may seek bids and hire one of the contractors with whom he has contact with during the course of his employment when the employee does not recommend contractors as part of his employment nor will he receive any sort of discount.

Opinion 09-06
A Public Works employee may serve as his Neighborhood Association's President and may request grant monies from the City on behalf of the Neighborhood Association so long as he does not serve on the selection committee which distributes the grants.

Opinion 09-07
A Public Works employee may contact and hire asphalt vendors whose invoices he may review during the course of his employment to repair asphalt for his neighborhood's Homeowners' Association.

Opinion 10-01
A City employee may state that he is the Director of Zoo Boise in his book's marketing materials so long as he does not use his City position as a primary marketing tool.

Opinion 10-02
The City may not pay a City employee for producing Ridge to Rivers Ranger backpack covers as the employee would have a direct personal beneficial interest in a City expenditure.

Opinion 10-03
A Fire Department employee should not have any direct involvement in the evaluative process during the firefighter test her boyfriend takes nor should she participate in any part of the firefighter testing process that may manipulate the testing score.

Opinion 10-04
The City's Arts Department may purchase software the Arts Department Director's husband works for since the employee's personal interest is remote and therefore not a conflict of interest.  The purchase of this particular piece of software further serves the best interest of the City and compliance with Boise City Code § 1-11-09 is waived by the Ethics Commission.

Opinion 10-05
The City Engineer's son may work for an engineering firm that has active engineering projects with the City during a summer internship.

Opinion 10-06
A City police officer who owns and operates an outside consulting firm may not contact a victim, whom he met while on an official call, to offer his consulting firm's services for a fee.

Opinion 10-07
Public Works Commissioner's conflict of interest is obviated by the disclosure of the conflict and the recusal of the commissioner from discussions or decisions related to the conflict which come before the Commission.

Opinion 10-08
While there is not a conflict of interest for a City employee to submit an art proposal, the personal beneficial interest the employee gains by being paid for the City’s art project proposal prohibits continuing City employment. Further, the employee may not volunteer his time to the City and be paid for the art proposal given the definition of “employee” in the Purchasing Code.

Opinion 11-01
City employees may attend a product/technology presentation and partake in lunch provided by a GIS/GPS vendor.

Opinion 11-02
The City’s Department of Arts and History may award grant funds to a local group of artists, which includes a City employee, so long as the City employee is not paid for his participation in the project.

Opinion 11-03
A City employee may be hired by a lessee of City property to irrigate the City property and may pasture his animals and use the excess pasture grass.

Opinion 11-04
A City employee may not attend a lighting class where travel and lodging would be paid for by a vendor with a City contract.

Opinion 11-05
The City may negotiate and contract for any terms, however, the contracting for tickets to sporting events and the like has the potential to create an appearance of impropriety to the public.  If unsolicited tickets are received, the Commission recommends that the City return the tickets with a request that the tickets be given to community members.

Opinion 12-01
The City’s Parks and Recreation employees may accept free meals from contract vendors at the Willow Lane Athletic Complex while working.

Opinion 12-02
A City Parks and Recreation employee may continue to work for Diamond Street Recycling even though the City has a contract with the company.  While there is an indirect personal beneficial interest, the Ethics Commission waives compliance under facts presented in this case.

Opinion 12-03 
City Parks and Recreation plan that allows for Recreation Specialists to teach individual and group skating lessons as well as detailing Recreation Specialists attendance and expenses at events and conferences both when attending on behalf of the City of Boise and when attending with no affiliation to their City employment is consistent with the City Code of Ethics.

Opinion 12-04
Nothing in the City’s Code of Ethics or Purchasing Code would prohibit from providing supplements to the fire and police departments; however, the decision whether to accept these supplements should be made by City administration.

Opinion 12-05 
A City employee may assist a private company, from which the City has already purchased a product and with which the City continues to have an ongoing maintenance contract with, by providing testimonials and information on the product, for which the City employee has no personal benefit and will receive nothing of value.  The City will receive additional IT support from the private company in exchange but it is not a valuable gift.

Opinion 14-01
City employees may not be compensated by third party vendors for teaching accreditation courses in which the City Boise provides the curriculum and approves the instructors for the courses. 

Opinion 14-02
Two employees, who prior to their employment with the City of Boise, were financial management consultants for other governmental agencies including Nampa, Boise, and the State of Nevada, may provide contract services to the City of Nampa. 

Opinion 14-03
Part 1: Boise police officers working events at Boise State University (BSU) pursuant to a contract between the City and BSU, may accept shirts to be worn at such events (as part of a uniform) provided that 1) other event staff members are required to wear the same shirts and 2) officers only receive one shirt. Part 2: A Boise police officer may not accept a gift of shoes from BSU when the retail value is more than $50, even if BSU only paid $30 for the shoes.

Opinion 14-04
Boise police officers may purchase their assigned duty weapons directly from Glock at the weapon’s fair market value.

Opinion 15-01
An Arts and History employee may not accept a $100 gift certificate or a free personal art showing for jurying an art show. The employee may accept a gift certificate valued at $50.

Opinion 16-01
The Airport Director may form a non-profit and sit on its Board of Directors if the City Council waives any apparent conflict of interest.

Opinion 16-02
Part 1: A Boise police officer injured in the line of duty may accept funds raised during an FOP fundraiser provided that the funds were not solicited by the officer or by the Boise Police Department. Part 2: The injured officer may appear at the FOP fundraiser and may acknowledge the donations being given on his behalf, but he may not solicit additional donations. Part 3: Officers may attend and volunteer at the fundraiser, but shall not solicit donations (or give the appearance of doing so) on behalf of the Boise Police Department. Officers must receive prior approval from the Chief of Police before appearing in uniform at a non-BPD event, including attending the fundraiser in uniform. Part 4: BPD shall not accept donations offered by current or potential City vendors, but may ask that such donations be made directly to the FOP. 

Opinion 17-01
Members of the City’s Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee (“Committee”) may, in most instances, sit on the Board of Directors of local non-profit agencies, but in certain circumstances they may need to resign from either the Committee or the non-profit in order to avoid a conflict of interest. 

Opinion 17-02
A city employee with a photography business may apply for a grant through the Department of Arts and History provided 1) the employee is not a member of the Arts and History Department and does not have an influential relationship over the department; 2) the selection process for awardees continues to remain anonymous; and 3) the employee does not receive any form of compensation for his or her work.

Opinion 17-03
A city employee with a photography business may not display his photographs in the City Hall café in order to market/sell them.

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