Homelessness Programs

Homelessness is not a problem that yields to simple, singular solutions, but only to a wide array of efforts undertaken by a broad range of community partners. The City of Boise is proud to be among those partners; although its statutory authority does not include social services, city government recognizes its responsibility to preserve and protect Boise's livability -- forallour residents.

Among the City of Boise's efforts on behalf of our homeless neighbors:

  • Ten-Year Plan to Reduce and Prevent Chronic Homelessness. This is a comprehensive, results-oriented approach to combating homelessness using a "housing first" model, providing long-term housing and services that address the root causes of homelessness.
  • Hotel vouchers.  Although the number of shelter beds available for homeless women, children and families in Boise is greater now than in recent years, local shelters sometimes reach capacity. The City of Boise has set aside a pool of dollars to be used for short-term emergency hotel vouchers. These funds are available only through referrals from participating shelters (Boise Rescue Mission, City Light Home for Women and Children, and Interfaith Sanctuary).
  • Community Detoxification Facility.  Substance abuse is one of the major contributing causes of homelessness. The Mayor’s Detox Steering Committee has secured major commitments for construction and operation of a community detoxification and sobering facility. The City of Boise has donated a facility site assessed at $310,000, designated more than $1 million for construction, and earmarked up to $240,000 a year for four years for operations. Other local cities, Ada County, the State of Idaho, United Way of Treasure Valley, and social service providers have also made financial commitments to construction and/or operations.
  • El-Ada Community Action.  The City of Boise has awarded $1,035,000 to El-Ada to establish a permanent Community Services Center that will assist homeless and low income individuals and families access critical support services.
  • Veterans.  The City of Boise is partnering with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority to establish a single-room occupancy apartment complex that will house homeless veterans and community members.
  • Social Service Support. The City of Boise annually awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating support to community organizations that primarily serve homeless individuals and families. Recent recipients include:
  • City Housing Programs.  The City of Boise’s Housing and Community Development Division manages rental units available for low- to moderate-income persons. HCD also administers home-maintenance and emergency repair loans for homeowners on restricted incomes, handicapped accessibility and affordable housing loans, and other programs designed to provide stable and safe housing for all Boise residents.