Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee

Assist in reviewing applications for CDBG and/or HOME program funding; review the consolidated planning document including the one year action plan and proposed amendments and provide comments; provide recommendations for programs and/or projects to receive CDBG and/or HOME program funding and file periodic reports with respect to funding recommendations and report any special conditions, perceived inequities or concerns with regards to programs/projects recommended to receive CDBG and/or HOME program funding.

Meeting: Annually in the fall

Total Members: 5 members with 2 members active in business of development, banking or real estate and at least 2 members active in private not for profit organizations or public agencies serving the communities economically disadvantage citizens

Length of Term: 3 years upon establishment of the committee



Vincent Maine Member
Marlene Puckett Member
Hope Ryan Member
Marilyn Shuler Member
Sally Zive Member


Staff Liaison:

Tonya Wallace - Budget Advisor