Arts and History Commission

Members of the Department of Arts and History Commission include Boise citizens with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Members are appointed by the Mayor for three-year terms. Committees are usually chaired by members of the Department of Arts and History; committee members include Department of Arts and History Commissioners and other members of the community.

As our role in the community expands and deepens, we continue to develop partnerships with local businesses, government agencies and arts organizations.

Joining a committee is a great way to get to know the Commission and our services and to focus your volunteer time on exciting projects. Anyone interested in working on a committee, joining a task force or volunteering, please contact the office at 433-5670, ext. 1.


Jody Ochoa Member
Eve Chandler Member
Margaret Hepworth Member
Alecia Baker Member
Kay Hardy Member
David Hale Chair
Stephenson Youngerman Member
Madalen Bieter Student Member